Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pat's Ponderings

Well I find my self home alone due to Diana being at a friends house and the menfolk gone to priesthood meeting. I wanted to record a few of the things that have happened in the past week.
Last Sunday night I received a call informing me of the death of a sister in our ward. It was rather unexpected, in that she went to bed Saturday night and just did not wake up the next morning. This sister happened to be one of Diana's primary teachers. So I had to break the news to Diana. This sister was 65 and in relatively good health. Someone at the funeral said that she had come visiting teaching the Thursday before she died. At the visit the sister who would die 3 days later, said she wasn't feeling well, but that she thought it was allergies. I would like to sign up for dying in my sleep that way. It sounds like the ideal way to die, since it has to happen eventually.
So Friday was the funeral. I took Diana out of school so she could attend because she said that she really wanted to go. I thought it might be a good way for her to have closure. Diana did even go into the viewing, which I hope will not scar her for life, but I don't think it did. The other teacher of the class was there and she seemed very upset. I think that it helped in a way to have Diana there. Even though I knew the sister who passed away, I do not feel the same sense of loss that Diana and her remaining teacher feel. Diana's living teacher reminded her of how Sis. Winward had just taught them a lesson about the Resurrection. I think that is very comforting to know that this Sister who died had such a strong testimony of the plan of salvation.
This whole experience had made me take a closer look at my own life. Sometimes we get no warning of when we might die. So just like we always hear, we need to be living each day as if it were our last.

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