Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blood Sport

I have a sister-in-law who has a very active 2 year old. He is always getting injuries which she is kind of enough to share on her blog. So following in her footsteps, I will post this nice shot of Jared when he came home from Lacrosse practice the other day. When he walked in I said "Hold it right there, I need to take a picture for the bog." He of course gave me his best teenage eye rolling face. But then he did cooperate and even gave tips, like be sure to get the lion logo in the shot. I think secretly my kids like being put on my blog. Even Trent does not seem to mind it. He has checked to see what comments his cat dissection pictures elicited. This injury actually looks much worse than it is. For any of you who are unaware Lacrosse is a pretty violent sport, and I guess they were not kidding when they wrote that disclaimer about being maimed while playing it. Life for Jared is pretty crazy right now. He had Lacrosse 4 days a week and then soccer twice, but he usually misses one of the practices. Then soccer started today, so each Saturday he has a soccer game and then Lacrosse as well. Sometimes they over lap, but most of the time he will be able to go to both of them. At least he won't be bored.


Marjorie said...

Jared, cute legs! How is your team doing? I hope it was worth it to sacrifice some blood for the cause.

peacekeeper said...

I love it. if theres no blood then it wasnt fun right. Jared you ROCK!

peacekeeper said...

Tanner is so proud of you!