Sunday, April 6, 2008

I heart Susan Tanner

I will miss seeing and hearing from Sis. Tanner at church meetings. Very shortly after she was called, she came to a regional training meeting here in Vegas. Because of my then stake calling, I was invited to the meeting. I felt an immediate connection with her as I heard her speak. She told about her calling to be the General Young Women's President. She related how she came home to find a message from her husband telling her that she needed to go and meet with President Hinkley. She then said her first reaction was "I don't want to meet with President Hinkley." Since then I have heard her speak many times and have benefited from her wisdom and faith. Last year I managed to snap a shot of her at women's conference, and I am so glad I did since she will not be there this year. I attended her class and one of the things she said really stuck with me. It was when her daughters told about how she would repeatedly say "Has the day of miracles cease, I say, Nay!" I love that optimistic attitude.
I also got to hear Sis Dalton speak as well last year and I look forward to being led by her. She told a very funny story about her only daughter at the conference. Apparently, one day when she was dropping her daughter off at kindergarten, her daughter fell and she accidentally ran over her with the car. Fortunately, it was winter and between her daughter's snow suit and the snow on the road, her daughter was not even hurt. Sis Dalton just brushed her off and said, "Go on into school." Sis Dalton did feel a bit badly though when she noticed a tire mark on her daughters back. You gotta love and relate to another mother like that. :)


Anonymous said...
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Emily said...

I so agree!! I cannot even tell you how sad I am to see her go. I worked in my YW's in my last ward, and love her approach and her wisdom. I too will miss her! I am glad you posted!!!!

Amie Earl said...

I was sad that she was released I never served in YW, but I so enjoyed her talks and they related to young women of all ages

craig said...

I said "oh no" when they released her and my kids asked what is wrong? I just told them that I love her and will miss hearing from her.

I had forgotten the funny tire marks story