Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mom, has left the building!

Yay, the long awaited for day is here. I am on my way to Provo for Women's conference. Of course I am only about an hour and a half later than I wanted to leave. That is not so bad, considering the things the hamster wheel required of me this morning. So my family will have to muddle through without me. Really all they need me for is food and transportation and the occasional funds. A big thank you to my sweet husband for manning the fort while I am gone. I know they will be fine, no one can starve to death in just four days, right? I hope I have everything. I was just double checking my list and realized I had not put my camera in. Yikes, what kind of stalker can I be without my camera? So yes Super Stalker is back in business and it will be fun to see just whose pictures I can get this time. Elder Holland is probably still blinded from my flash last year. I am very excited that my three sisters and mom are coming, but I am a little bit worried that so many people will cramp my stalking style. We will see. So look forward to a fun filled post when I get back next week. :)

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