Thursday, November 13, 2008

Date of our Parole has been set. Phych. Phych again.

Well things change. Yesterday Jared only walked about 30 ft and today he miraculously walked 200 ft. So now they think that he will not need to go to the rehab center after all. Jared's blood levels are back to where they want them to be. So if nothing changes or goes wrong, we will be discharged/paroled/set free from bondage on Friday.

It does mean one more night for me at the hospital. Bummer. Put a fork in me I am done with all this opportunity for growth in the patience and suffering department.

Last night was a bit ridiculous, as the nerve in Jared's right leg was making his leg tingle and be in pain. Good news, when I massage his leg and knee it does feel a bit better. Bad news this seems to put a damper on my sleep when it needs to be done at 4:00 am.

You know that fun time with a newborn, when you just want them to sleep instead of crying, and so you stop patting their back and hold your hand inches away just to see if they have fallen asleep. Well yea, that is kind of how it was, but with a six foot two inch tall kid.

And at one point I had manged to get him to fall back asleep. I knew this because he got a text and didn't even look at his phone to read it. Apparently some kids like to text with him while they are getting ready for seminary. So I knew he was asleep and I stumbled all bleary eyed and exhausted, over to my cot and climbed in trying to make as little creaking noise as possible. I rearranged the blankets and pillows and was just heaving a sigh of relief. You know when you just feel sleep coming over you like a two ton weight. And then just as I was about to fall off the cliff of consciousness the stupid vitals nurse came in and woke him up. Curses. Curses. Curses.

The absurdity of waking someone up to take their vitals, and then say everything looks normal and the patient is doing just fine is not humorous to me. And if looks could kill well there would have been a death in room 319 last night. I even considered using Jared's crutch. That would be a nice 5'o clock news story "Sleep deprived raving lunatic mother beats male nurse to death with crutches, because he woke her sleeping, demanding, invalid son."

Ok. So that was funny and all, but Jared just called me from the hospital and told me that the ultra sound this afternoon said he has a blood clot. I am not sure what this means, but probably we will not come home tomorrow. I am sure it can not be good news. I have to run back. I know you will all pray for me. I will need it. TTFN

The Rest of the Story: After receiving the call and writing this post, I raced back to the hospital breaking as many traffic laws as is possible in a two mile drive. When I got there, I rushed panic stricken to the nurses station. The nurses knew nothing about any blood clot. But I panicked them as well. Isn't that special. Then I went to Jared's room, and he admitted that he made it up to help speed my return. ARE. YOU. KIDDING.ME!!!!!!!! Needless to say I was less than impressed with this news. His male nurse however gave him props for scaring his mother to death. I probably would have died, but I haven't bought my cemetery plot in Cache Valley yet, and there is no way I was going to die and be buried in Vegas. That would just be wrong. So after having chosen to keep the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" I figure I figure I can count the day as a victory. Sorry for sharing the false alarm with all of you. Do pray that my resolve to not murder my son in his sleep continues to spare his life.

Tomorrow will be a better day I am sure. In a cautiously optimistic way, of course. :)


Kristina P. said...

Oh, Pat. Hang in there, my friend. I hope you get to come home soon!

Thanks for taking the time to still manage to comment on my blog.

Pat said...

Kristina, thanks for the sympathy, but it was a false alarm, thanks to a fourteen year old warped sense of humor.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh, Pat. I do so love it that you live in a hospital. It makes your posts so amusing and suspenseful.

Please tell Jared to get a real blood clot so your genius cut can runneth over and over.

Reading you is like curling up with a warm comfy fleece blanket.



Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love it that Crash called it your "cut" runneth that something connected with Blood Clot or did she just do a typo?

I guess I'll never know...

I would have been so mad but also laughing because he got me...and he's well enough to put his life into his own hands scarying you like that! :)

Lisa said...

I would have used his own crutch on him right there. Give me a break. Tonight for his bedtime story maybe you should tell him the one about the Boy Who Cried WOLF.

Allison Barnes said...

is it bad to spank a kid in a hospital bed? that was a cruel trick.

Kris said...

I think he needs to write "honor thy mother, not scare her, so that thy days may be long." About 1000 times.

Geeze, you have given him 350 hrs of you life straight. There had better not be any rubbing his leg tonight. It is time to let the "baby" cry it out and go home after that trick.

Tough love baby

Shawna said...

The next time he says:
But my leg hurts real bad

let the nurse rub it

Then he'll say:
That's gross

Then say:
stupid blood clot

Can't wait until you're home and away from nurses taking vitals at 3:19am!

Smart Helm said...

I like all the ideas/comments everyones given u.