Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reality Check

In honor of the finale of Top Design tonight, I have decided to ramble on a bit about reality TV. I once heard Sis. Beck say that our own lives should be our favorite reality TV show. Possibly that was at women's conference last year. Currently, I am not a fan of my own life and so I seek escape through watching other people do stupid things.

Let's see where to begin. Perhaps with the mother of all reality shows, Survivor. When it first came out many moons ago, I did not watch it. It sounded stupid to me and I marveled at intelligent friends who were so involved in it. Finally I caved to peer pressure, and watched the very end. Big mistake. I was ridiculously hooked and am proud in a not so proud way to say that I have never missed an episode since. Well thanks to VCR's and DVR's anyway.

Consistently, I am astonished to see people make the show, who have never watched it. I know the producers do this to me on purpose. They want to see how many times a season they can get me to yell at my TV "HAVE. YOU. WATCHED. THE. SHOW." Would it be TMI to mention that I have dreamed about being on Survivor at least 3 times. I think that is taking it a bit to far. Just so you know, in my dreams I have yet to make it to the jury, but maybe next time.

This season of Survivor is only so so. I am kind of starting to get the been there, done that feeling with this show. You can only watch people make the same stupid mistakes so many times, even if they are doing it in their underwear. Although it looks like Sugar could make things interesting this season.

Now one of my favorites, still after all these years, has to be the Amazing Race. If I weren't afraid to fly, bungee jump, and eat disgusting things, I would definitely apply for this show. No doubt about it. Then there is the tincy, tiny little problem of my complete lack of physical ability. Dang limitations.

Right now, I am transfixed by Sarah. I feel sorry for her that she is stuck with that jerk Terrance. Seriously girl, kick him to the curb. But I can't get over the feeling that she looks like Elaine Bennis from Seinfeld. I keep waiting for her to say "GEEET OOOUUT! and push Terrance down a flight of stairs or something. Or maybe she even looks like Molly Shannon when she would do the Mary Catherine Galleger skits. Anyway I just can't get over it. And some of her comments. I get the feeling she wants the Race to be like some beauty pageant where every one is nice to each other. That one time she whined "They didn't even say Hi, to Us." Again I say "HAVE YOU WATCHED THE SHOW."

I love all the stuff on BRAVO. Like I said Top Design ends tonight, the suspense is killing me. Not really. Am I the only one who is missing hearing Jonathan Adler say "See ya later, decorator" when people are kicked off the show? Not sure why they changed that.

Top Design is OK, but honestly it has just been my transition relationship from Project Runway until Top Chef starts next week. Who doesn't love watching people cook and fight at the same time? I am giddy with excitement to see that show start up again.
Pretty much a lame statement on the lame affairs of my reality television viewing. I wonder where I could turn all my useless reality TV trivia into cold hard cash. Seriously, anyone reading this, if you are ever on Millionaire and you need to phone a friend with a reality TV trivia question, well I'm your girl.
Gotta go see who wins Top Design, will it be the bald guy that has won pretty much everything, the long shot girl who barely made into the finals, or the other guy that was in the bottom every week to begin with but has made a dash for the finish line.
Happy watching everyone.


Kristina P. said...

Say hello to Kristina, the self-proclaimed reality TV addict.

If I were going on Survivor, I would learn before I went how to make fire using my eyeglasses.

If I were going on the Amazing Race, I would make sure I knew how to drive a stick shift. Who are these people?

And doesn't Jonathan Adler look like a gay Burt?

Jennifer said...

You are so right about Sarah, I hadn't noticed that before, GEEET OUT!! :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hee hee, Pat. You're so dang funny.

I really don't like the new filming style this year on Survivor. It's too weird for me. (Imagine ME saying THAT)

My husband LOVES Amazing RACE! Fanatic.

Good luck tomorrow!!!!!!!! You go, Jared!

(Is your son's name Jared?)