Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Song to Uplift and Inspire

I love this song sung by Mindy Gledhill from the CD Nashville Band Tribute to the Prophet Joseph Smith. When I first saw this band perform at women's conference, I was captivated by the message of their songs. This particular song is one of my favs. If you haven't heard it before, you should check out their CD. And I am not being paid to say that.

I am amazed at all that Emma was called to go through. The loss of children must have been especially difficult and I can relate to her in some small way. Personally I am very grateful for the sacrifices she made in my behalf.

Especially I am benefited today by Relief Society. Once there was a young married sister in my ward. She shared how her mother had died when she was just 15. Understandably, this was incredibly difficult for her. She wondered how she would get through the rest of her life with out the support and guidance of a mother. When she turned 18 and started attending Relief Society, she realized that the Lord had provided her the help she needed. Relief Society was her mother.

I have never looked at Relief Society the same since hearing that story.


Kristina P. said...

That's a great story! I have to admit, there have been times when I haven't loved RS, and have felt very alienated, but yet, I always go.

Annie Valentine said...

I feel that way about Relief Society too. But I must confess, I am not an Emma Smith fan. Hold on, must get my lightening rod out...

Kris said...

Thanks, Pat. I think collectively we are a mother to everyone who needs one. I hope you feel loved by your RS.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I miss, miss, miss Relief Society. I have been in primary forever and hope to be released soon so I can go back to the community of women that I love so much.

I agree about Emma Smith. She catches a lot of heat, but she went through more than most of us can imagine.

Pat said...

Annie, you have to at least give her props for starting RS. And even though she didn't come west, she stayed with Lucy Smith and took care of her. I think only the Lord can truly judge her and her heart.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, first I have to say Annie has just endured a crushing blow from the Relief Society president. Annie may be no Emma Smith, but her RS Pres is no Emma Smith either. RS is a double edge sword, but then I guess mothering is a double edge sword too, so I guess I actually have no comment. ;)

OKAY, NEXT' There was no place to leave a comment on your previous so here's my comment about drugs and animal crackers and Danny Kaye.

I love percoset. I can see why people get addicted. I was on it for a few days after my C-Section and it rocked. Life was Mellow Man! And pain is way over rated.

My sister recently had an internal bleed after her surgery. She was (and still is actually) in so much pain she said she would have rather died than endure it. She gained a keen insight into my dad's drug addiction and pain, since he was a hemophiliac and enduring many internal bleeds.

I LOVE animal crackers too. The best though are the frosted ones with sprinkles. MMMMM... I will never forget my mom putting a bag of those in my sack lunch before I went to 6th grade camp. For some reason it made me feel so loved that she would do that since we never ate them at home. You never know what's going to make your kids feel loved. Percoset or frosted animals crackers both do the trick for me.

And I LOVE White Christmas and ELF is my absolute favorite. We are so from the same generational womb.

And I LOVE PAT! Pat Rocks! Everything Pat writes and thinks ROCKS!

So if you see her, give her my aloha! And give Jared my aloha too. But wait until he's on the percoset because it will mean more to him then.

Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat said...

Crash, I totally agree that Annie has been given a raw deal, and I seriously didn't mean to add to any of her hurt or heartache. I have come to appreciate and love her and her humor.

Big wave Annie!

Also I don't know what the heck is going on with my drug post and why it doesn't want to let people make comments.

Crash thanks for commenting anyway. You don't know how much your love and support have been like a small flame in what seems like an endless night of darkness right now in my life.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I love Relief Society for those very reasons...I love posts like these from have such a way with words! :)

What a great video also! Thanks!