Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Report

Things are going as well as can be hoped. But let's face it, recovering from such a major surgery is not a small thing. I was prepared for it, but it is still a bit taxing to one's nerves.

Jared is still dealing with a lot of nauseousness, I think it is from the pain killers. They have stopped the morphine and will try loritab instead. His pain does seem to be a little bit better today.

His blood test this morning showed that his hemoglobin was low and so they had to give him a blood transfusion. Crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's took all day and so he didn't get the blood until late this afternoon. I left before it was done, but my husband told me that he is feeling much better since the blood. No fun to be woozy and light headed all day.

Jared did finally start eating again this afternoon. That should be a good sign.

I would be very surprised if we came home on Monday because he still hasn't been out of bed yet.

Not having access to the Internet is pretty much killing me. I did however sleep much better on my camp cot last night. And I have played about a million games of free cell on my laptop, so all is not lost.

Thanks to everyone for what they have posted. It is good to catch up when I come home once a day.

Tomorrow there is no school, so Diana will spend the night with our next door neighbor. I just go a shower and feel like a new person, at least I smell like a new person.

Keep up the prayers and a big thank you. I feel that I am being supported through this. There have only been a few times where I have forgotten to breathe while watching something being done to Jared. When I notice that light headed feeling, I hurry and sit down before I pass out, adding to the workload of the nurse.


Kristina P. said...

I'm glad that recovery is going well. Hang in there!

Jen said...

I haven't been on here for a week, but I just went back and caught up with everything!

LOVED!! the talent show clip. Hilarious.

And you're reminding me of the different times I've stayed in the hospital with children. That whole 3am thing? I'm right there with you. Just because THEY'RE up...

Anyway, so glad to hear that the prognosis is good. Hopefully things will keep moving along and you'll get to go home! You're still in my prayers!

Allison Barnes said...

Glad things are going pretty good. I hope he starts to get over the nausea... no fun! stay strong... you're almost done!

Eliza said...

I'm glad that things seem to be going smoothly. Remember to take care of yourself in all this. (You looked a little pale yesterday at choir.) I'm praying for a speedy recovery.

Smart Helm said...

It was fun to see u at choir and get caught up.
If u and ur family ever feel the need for s'mores... I've been trying to get people over to have some with me... but they have dumb things to do instead... like FHE or firesides or their family is in town...
I think s'mores would be helpful in surgury recovery, don't u?

Here's thinking and praying for ur family!

Kris said...


I'm so glad that Jared is doning so well. I hope that he feels better today.

I am still praying for you guys!!


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Poor kid! I hope he starts feeling normal too. I'm the same way with pain killers, by the way. Always make me sick to my stomach.