Saturday, November 15, 2008

Drifting through the day in a state of semi consciousness

Our first day home was not all bad. Shockingly I did not rise at 7:00 am full of vim and vigor or vinegar either, ( well honestly I am probably full of vinegar every day) and start cleaning my house from top to bottom. Last night I slept on the family room couch next to Jared's bed so I only had a few feet to stumble to help arrange pillows under his leg, or remove pillows from under his leg, or get him some pain medication. So we had a very slow start this morning. Think day after you come home from the hospital with a new born baby.

He did complain that his bed was not as comfortable as the hospital bed. I went out today and bought him a memory foam topper. If this makes him more comfortable and helps him sleep better which in turn will make me more comfortable and make me sleep better, then it will be the most precious possession in this house. I was sad because the twin size only came in 1 and 1/2 inch, where as if I wanted a full size I could have gotten the 2 inch or even gone for the gold with the 3 inch pad. Hopefully this will be good enough.

I was however able to renew the love affair I have with my bed this afternoon. I had a nice little nap, which probably paid off an hour of my 30 hour sleep debt. I have pleaded my case to my body and brain, but they are standing firm in their insistence that this debt be paid, no forbearance for me. My brain is even showing me some pretty touch love by refusing to function until the debt is paid. You know like when the power company turns your power off until you pay the overdue bill. Well kind of like that. So if anyone wants to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge, no is your chance. Oh well, I am sure that a functioning brain is highly over rated just like financial solvency.

The highlight of the day would have to be the fact that I was home to watch my beloved Cougars cream Air Force. No that is not the beginning of some sort of cougar cookies. Hooray for football victories. Of course as fate would have it, the home health nurse had to come and visit during the second quarter. Do you think it was bad that I kept stealing peeks at the TV while she was trying to do the intake interview. I did sacrifice and mute the sound, so I thought that was a big concession on my part.

The visit went well, although she had orders to give Jared a shot of blood thinners. Jared really hates those shots and so after just two days in the hospital, the doctor switched him over to just taking two aspirin every day. One of my friends suggested that the punishment for the blood clot scare should be that he has to get the shots. Not a bad idea. Sounds like a natural punishment made in heaven or at least though up by a fellow mother. But I did not talk to her until after the nurse left, so we told the nurse he didn't want the shot and he had already taken his aspirin that day anyway.

What I really wanted the nurse to do was change the dressing on his wound. But of course the medical system being what it is, she did not have any orders about that. So she just told me to do it. That is fine. I have a large box of left over medical supplies from last summer. So no problem. And the wound is all closed up and glued shut with the 22 staples in it, so it is not really hard to clean.

Finally after what seemed like forever and in truth was most of the second quarter she left me to watch the game. Jared took some pain pills and a little nap. The only TV in our house that had the channel with the game on it is in the family room where Jared sleeps. So I was forced to keep a pillow handy to stifle my urge to scream at the top of my lungs when they made a good play. Not my favorite way to watch a game, silently. But sacrifices have to be made in the name of recuperation. I just hope Jared is able to be in a different room next Saturday when BYU plays Utah because there will be no way to stifle the screaming and jumping up and down upon my couch for that one.

Home physical therapy will come and work with him three times a week until he is strong enough to go to outpatient.

I think that at the pace of a slug, life will return to normal, where things will just be plain terrible not fancy terrible with raisins in it.


Kris said...

Yeah, I am first to comment!

Go Cougs!! I hope you have a restful night. Really you need to take turns with someone.

Allison Barnes said...

So glad you are home! I am sure you glad to be off the camp cot! I barely survive mine at camp.

SO glad BYU won for you.... you deserved a victory.

Kristina P. said...

It sounds like things are getting somewhat back to a normal. Go Cougs!

Funny Farmer said...

My condolences to you for having to entertaim a nurse during that awesome game, which is was actually attending! And yes, I agree, Jared should be forwarned that there will be much jumping and screaming next saturday. Can you believe that Tom actually considered going to Seattle for Karianne's patriarchal blessing next week? I put my foot down and said NO I AM WATCHING THE GAME WHAT KIND OF FAN ARE YOU ANYWAY!

Hee hee. Hope he heals fast and life gets better soon!

:big waves:

Marjorie said...

Bless you for still being able to find something funny enough to say about this to make me chuckle. I really enjoy your writing even though the topic makes me pretty sad. I do hope that Jared will turn the corner soon and get to feeling better. Hang in there! We are still praying for you. Love and luck to Jared!

About the cougs: at least you missed the worst quarter. The last half was awesome. Are you planning to cook a turkey this week so you can find another lucky "Y" bone? Just wondering.

It's good to be back home. Found all in order so maybe I am not needed so much around here. I was needed in Utah and had a great time chasing those litte tikes around. Whew!!! What a lively, fun, adorable, busy bunch!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a great blog you have here :)