Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Red Box- Economically Sound or Tool of the Devil

I have to admit that in many things I am way behind the times. I didn't get a DVD player until about 3 years after they were popular. My first Ipod, which in fact is a sansdic MP3 player, I just purchased last year. I have a dress that I bought when my fourteen year old was born. And I still wear it. So it is an established fact that I don't jump on board with the latest things right away.

Probably this accounts for why three weeks ago was the first time I actually rented a movie from Redbox.

There is one at my favorite Smiths, that I pass each time I go to the grocery store. Often I have wondered, why are people staring at that box, and what are they waiting for. It is almost always busy with people contemplating what to do with their evenings.

What was all the hub bub about? I knew family members and friends who used the thing regularly, and still I stuck to my old ways of Hollywood Video.

One huge problem I did see with Redbox, was the whole keeping a movie for just one day. What a foreign concept to me, who checks out videos from the library for months at a time. (Of course the Library frowns upon this, and sends me dirty letters but they are still stupid enough to check things out to me again) And more times than not, I return my Hollywood Videos late also. Why the finer details of life are lost on me, I am not quite sure.

A friend of mine asked me, in a loving way if I had always been a flake. I was not offended, because hey, my behaviour has become very flake like in the past few years. Not even Head and Shoulders can help me, I'm afraid.

I don't think I was always flaky. It has been a gradual process that I would have to associate to when I first had kids. All that sleep deprivation has killed too many of my brain cells, leaving me witless.

So my daughter talked me into trying the Redbox thing. We rented Kit Kittridge, a movie she missed seeing in the theaters last summer when Jared was hospitalized. To correct this miscarriage of justice and avoid a life long sorrow for her, we rented the movie. I have to say that given the current economy, a movie about the Depression was not very well received by me and frankly rather depressing.

And then to make matters worse, we rented it right before Jared's last surgery. And of course that was one detail I didn't manage to stay on top of. You guessed it $13 for our $1 movie. AAAGGGG!

Last weekend I was desperate and decided to try it again. Shockingly, I returned things the next day. I heard the Hallelujah Chorus as I slipped that little case into the slot.

Perhaps there is hope for me yet. But I wouldn't bet on it, if you are the betting type.


Kristina P. said...

I've only used Redbox once, while on vacation. I have Netflix, which is great, because I can keep the movies as long as I want, because I'm super lazy.

Pat said...

Kristina, how are you so speedy quick to comment? Is it because of twitter, because that is another thing I am behind the times on.

Kris said...

Hey. I am clearly living in the dark ages. I have never even seen a "red Box" I think I am not in favor of a one night stand with a movie. We make long term comittments here at our house. When Blockbuster did away with late fees, I knew my prayers had been answerd. My goal is just to return them with in the 4 weeks grace period.

It's not flakey, it is comittment baby.

Eliza said...

I love Redbox. But with your current relationship with library videos, I'm not sure that it will be a good thing for you. Although after a certain amount of days then you OWN the video, so that might not be a bad thing. Keep trying, it does get easier. You can return the video to any redbox, so rent at Smith's and return at McDonalds then you barely have to get out of the car. The redbox is right on the sidewalk!

Marjorie said...

I'm behind the times too. I don't think they have redbox here. I hav'nt heard of it either. I still maintain that even if you have to pay a few fines, the value of libraries and movie rental places make it worth it. You would pay so much more to buy all of them. And then you'd have to figure out where to store them! ugh!

Mariko said...

You need Netflix. Seriously. I know, you don't like to jump on things right away, but it's so easy. You sign up on the computer, pick movies on the computer, and they SEND THEM TO YOUR HOUSE. Plus you can keep them for like 6 months and they won't care. Yes, you pay a monthly fee, but you probably will send them back sooner, because it's so much easier to stick them in a mailbox than remember to go back to the video store. I also like the watch on-line feature nextflix has, because then I really don't have to take it back.

Pat said...

Mariko, Thanks for the advice. I just may take the plunge.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha. We are so much alike. I love it. I should get myself a little hamster wheel.

I just tried the redbox for the first time 3 weeks ago too. I was a day late and a dollar short.

Lucky they have my credit card number. ;)

Michael said...

If you want to save an extra dollar, Redbox also has promo codes...

You can rent for free if you only keep it one day, or at least get the first day free.

There are generally quite a few promo codes available, and you can get them by going to www.insideredbox.com

I've been using Redbox for about 3 years now and have really enjoyed, and I do use Netflix too for older/independent flicks and streaming to my Xbox 360.


Allison Barnes said...

I've never used red box either. My brother was just here and they rented them along their drive down from utah... stopped in one city and returned them and got a new one and then the next city after the movie was over... pretty cool. we use the Blockbuster mail in system like netflix. I love it. Love the new look!

Pat said...

Thanks for the tip Michael. I guess I am not as weird as I thought I was if so many other people have never tried it before either.