Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ghost of Christmas Past, part 9

All righty then, this year we have the torture by denim. Look at Jared's first grader pose. Such a fun age. And anytime you survive the kindergarten year and graduate to all day school, well that is cause for rejoicing.

Trent even still has a good natured grin. Maybe it is just when kids turn into teenagers that they really feel family pictures are a fate worse than death.

And Diana, well she was still the princess of the family. Only now she was a mobile mess making, TP unrolling, cup board unloading, princess. Just regular toddler stuff. But it sure kept me busy.

Life was still crazy busy with soccer and baseball and cub scouts and three small children, but when I moved to Vegas, I avoided the PTA like it was the bubonic plague. I still helped out in the class weekly, but I just didn't have enough excess life source to give to an organization like the PTA. Kudos to any of you who can help out and do. It is just that I don't do well with bottomless vortexes of need. They suck me in and if I every manage to escape, I am a shell of the person I was before.

Oh and this was the year I was RS president just because there was literally no one else to pick. Our ward was dwindling to nothing, and I tried my best to keep things afloat until our ward was merged with another one a year later.

The previous year to this, we had been a one car family, but this year my husband used his priesthood power and mechanical know how to resurrect our second car, a 14 year old Chevy sprint. It was so joyful to be a two car family again.

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Kristina P. said...

Haha! The denim totally made me laugh!