Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let it snow

I suppose this is old news by now, but yes it did a very strange thing here in Vegas yesterday. It snowed and actually stuck to the ground and you could play in it.Here is an action shot of Diana throwing a snow ball. It should be noted that other than a time or two in Utah, this girl has really never seen snow.

Here is a part of a snow man. Luckily we have a large grass area so it was possible to roll and get a snowman out of the one inch of snow.
I am sad that this shot did not turn out better. But I think you get the idea. This was a pretty big snow man for a little girl to make.

Here is a shot of Frosty by himself. I love the big fluffy snowflakes in the air.

And here is a shot the next morning. Even though it was sunny all day, the little snow man that could, is still standing. Who'd have thunk it?


Jen said...

I love lingering snowmen! They're proof there was really snow.

(And in Vegas?? Crazy!)

Kris said...

I love snow days with actual snow! It is so cold here that we did not build a snowman :(

Shawna said...

Diana has got so great snowman building skills!

Eliza said...

We loved the snow too. Hunter's snowman wasn't as big as Diana's though. It might have been lack of yard or just 4 year old attention span. But we loved it just the same.

Smart Helm said...

Did I miss something here? I'm sure this post wasn't here yesterday! And yet is shows its posted before part 15.. so strange.
Anyway.. so fun to have snow. And that looks like a great snowman!
Wait.. aren't we supposed to be in a drought?!?! Where did all this snow come from?


The Crash Test Dummy said...

OH that is so much fun. I wish it would do that in Hawaii. My kids are clueless about snow.

We did see a patch this summer in the mountains of Wyoming. My kids jumped out of the car in their slippers (that's thongs/flip flops to all you lam-o mainlanders) and played. But they were pretty sure they had frostbite when they got back in the car.

HA! Frostbite!

Diana is darling.