Saturday, December 27, 2008

Topless in Las Vegas

How do you like that title? Pretty catchy, huh? Probably not the best thing, though for perverts to be googling me. Just a little holiday humor.

What I really mean is Laptopless in Las Vegas, K. Everyone feel better now? All you crazies looking for excitement/nudity move along to the Crash Test Dummy Diaries. If you like that kind of thing, there are topless people at the beach in Hawaii. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Here in Las Vegas, it is just me, laptopless for a week and a half. I know it is horrifying just to think about. And believe me living the nightmare was worse. Because just like another favorite blogger of mine, to blog is to breathe.

And just to clarify why my laptop is my most priceless possession, besides my BoM of course, try living in a house with just ONE computer and FIVE computer addicted people. The lines behind the computer station have been longer than to see Santa at the mall. Sheesh.

I have wondered if one can die from lack of computer time to write and read blogs since blogging is my life source. But we have had a Christmas miracle and my laptop was rushed to the emergency room and returned to me via fed ex just this afternoon. Good thing too, because my face was turning purple from the lack of bloxygen.

At one point, I even went to the extreme of writing with a paper and pencil!! Can you even believe the depravity? Talk about a Dickens Christmas special. Good grief.

So I have spent about 8 hours straight catching up on everything that has been happening in the blogosphere, that I was unable to read in my 5 minutes of allotted computer time.

It was a good time to be out of the loop, because apparently people have lives and are not just sitting writing for my entertainment. Who knew?

And now I feel like it is the end of fast Sunday and I must eat/read everything in sight. You may be seeing an unusual number of posts coming from me, because things have been building up inside and may come pouring out. Besides I have this ridiculous dream that I can get to 365 posts for the year. So we will see. Maybe it will be just one more dream I wave to as I ride this train called my life through the tunnel of darkness.

Maybe yes and maybe no. The suspense is killing me. Just like on Willy Wonka. The old one with Gene Wilder not the new one. No offense to Johny Depp, but I am a Wonka purist.


Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I'm in our hotel in Missouri, on our laptop right now! Adam's dad asked why we brought it, since there's a business facility with computers here. Ummm, clearly, he doesn't understand.

And yes, we got a hotel instead of staying with his family. In fact, his dad got us the hotel. Best. Thing. Ever.

Marjorie said...

Good to hear from you again. I miss you when you can't post. Also glad to know that the laptop problem was easily fixable. Sometimes I wish I had one, but since I don't leave the house much these days I don't need one! At your house it is a necessity!

Kris said...

Yah for Laptops! Welcome back. I have been wondering where you went. I almost called on Friday. You go to the blogging record and hall of fame!!