Monday, December 15, 2008

Ghosts of Christmas Past, part 11

The year of 2002 decided to torture us a bit throughout the year and so we just stood together in our church clothes and other than Trent, we didn't feel that tortured during the picture.

In what I am sure is a biased opinion, I really liked my Christmas letter from this year. 2002 was very eventful for us and so I am just going to copy the letter I wrote for my post.

In the year 2002, life's ups and downs gave to us:

One Car a Driving - We became a one car family again, when our house was robbed in May during the night and the keys to our car were stolen. Besides the car, they took only a few other things like our wallets, CDs, a camera, and our sense of security. Diana was asleep on the couch right where they came in, and we were so relieved that she was not harmed. It was hard to be upset about what they took, when we still had what is most valuable to us. (by the way this was just weeks after Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped)

Two Years a Flying-My brother came home from his mission after two years flew by. In August, we drove 20 hrs to Seattle (which did not fly by), in order to attend his homecoming and a family reunion with my family. We feel the TV for our car is worth its weight in gold and can't imagine traveling any other way.

Three Years a Growing- Diana turned three in July, and keeps me company all day long while the boys are at school. Her favorite thing is to play with the kittens and make messes. She seems to never stop from morning to night and I am exhausted trying to keep up with her. She is always dancing and will start her first ballet class in January.

Four Years a Teaching- After four years at school, Marion received tenure last spring. He is very happy that the process is over and is still enjoying his job very much. He is also busy in church and helping to coach Jared's soccer team.

Five Seasons a Kicking-Jared played his fifth season of soccer and was awarded the MVP trophy for his outstanding play at goalie this fall.

Six Grades a Learning- This fall, Trent started sixth grade at middle school. His favorite class is orchestra where he is learning to play the violin.

Seven Days a Shopping- When our insurance company notified us that coverage for the rental car was ending, we had one week to buy a new van after our old one was totaled. Not nearly enough time in my opinion. (see #9)

Eight Year a Preparing- Jared turned eight and was baptized in April. We loved having so much family come for this special time. He is doing well in third grade and has started playing the piano this fall.

Ninth Month a Traveling- In September we drove to Mesa, AZ to attend a mission farewell for Marion's parents. On the way there, our van was hit by a drunk driver. After being hit, our van skidded 197 ft and flipped over. We were able to get everyone out and we were basically unhurt except for several cuts and some bumps and bruises. Miraculously we were protected. No one at the scene could believe that we were not more seriously hurt or even dead. The girl who hit us was completely drunk, with a blood alcohol level of .18. We all got to ride in an ambulance for the first time. Since then life has been crazy as we have dealt with doctor appointments, buying a new van, and insurance companies. Life is almost back to normal again, although I am still sore and being treated.

Ten Years a Scouting- While Trent was ten, he earned his Arrow of Light award, advancing to the next level of scouting.

Eleven Years a Aging- Trent turned eleven in May and is looking forward to graduating from Primary this year.

Twelve Kittens a Pouncing- Our cat had twelve kittens this year. Add to this 4 more kittens that a stray cat gave birth to and then abandoned in our garage, and it has truly been the summer kittens, much to Diana's delight. Happily I was able to sell ALL of them, much to my delight. Apparently, I have inadvertently started a kitten selling business.

Well, what do you think? Am I clever or what?

Yes it is not every year you survive a robbery and a near death car accident. But we lived to see another year. So all was well that ended.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HOLY COW...what a year, and that was just 2002!

I'm so glad that you experienced a miracle and came out of the van wreck relatively unharmed! Love the family pic!

Kristina P. said...

You are very clever. And I totally know all about your house being broken into and someone sleeping right there. I grew up in the ghetto of Southern California, and our house was robbed several times while we were sleeping.

Smart Helm said...

Man... remind me to not live next to u, not drive in the same direction as u, and keep away from ur germs! What an eventful year.... I love the way u presented it. What did u do in heaven to deserve it? I bet u must have been a captian in the army and made Satan REALLY mad.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I love Smart Helm's comment. Copy that. You are so creative with your pain. And I have LOVE LOVE LOVED going through all your Christmas card photos. I notice that your husband never changes. How crazy is that? Do you have any where he changes? Glasses or something? You should get him a new pair of glasses this year for Christmas. hee hee

Your kids are so adorable. And YOU are so adorable too. And your comment was MY FAVORITE today on my post. ha ha ha ha h aha ha ha . . . Does that mean you're Luke Skywalker's mom? ha ha ha ha ha I was ROTFLOL