Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ghosts of Christmas, part 12

This picture didn't turn out too bad. In fact it is our last studio picture and still hangs on my mom's wall, even though it was 5 years ago and none of us look the same except my husband, who never changes. He is change resistant, which is kind of the same thing as waterproof. Thanks Crash for noticing that in your comment yesterday. (strangely I had already written this, how did you know I talked about my husbands strange unchangeableness?)

I loved this dress on Diana and I hope you can see the full effect of the hair bows complete with boingy curls compliments of sponge rollers. The dress was a super $3 find at Savers. I love that store and used to live right next door to Savers which was a good news /bad news situation.

Jared got braces this year which explains his strange closed mouth smile. He also tried basketball for the first time this year, but on top of soccer and scouts it was a bit too much.

I can't remember what we had to say to get Trent to almost smile, but it worked what ever it was. Trent played football again this year and his team went all the way and won the championship. I think this was his favorite season of football ever.

One of the biggest highlights of this year was a trip we took back east to visit my husbands parents while they were serving a mission at the DC temple. We were able to visit Kirkland also. And of course we did all the DC fun stuff like the monuments, and Smithsonian's. Although I think the kids like riding the metro as much as anything. It was a once in a lifetime trip and we felt so lucky to have been able to go.

A highlight for me from this year was helping out with an infertility conference that our Stake RS put on. I was in the presidency that helped organize this, and was able to meet Ardeth Knapp who came and was our keynote speaker. Too bad this was before I had honed my stalking skills and I didn't even get a picture with her. I really appreciate Sis, Knapp example of still being a force for good even though you are childless. The whole thing went very well and I hope that I helped others struggling with this very special trial.


Kristina P. said...

I'm glad that the presentation from Sis. Knapp went well. There is a lot of potential for that kind of thing to not.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Kristina, I think that because it was billed to be all about infertility, only those people came. Is that what you meant? That we might have offended people. Of course Sis Knapp chose not to even adopt, but at the same confrence we had an infertility doctor talk about medical solutions. Also I did a presentation on adoption. So we kind of covered all the bases that we could think of.
It just seems like it is an issue that so many people deal with in one way or another, but it is never talked about at church. Because two of us in our Stake RS presidency had dealt with infertility, we were especially sensitive to it and wanted to try to help others dealing with that pain.

Smart Helm said...

What a cute picture! And I wish I could go back to DC now that I'm older and fully appriciate the sights.

We have had experience with infertility issue in our imediate family as well as extended family and friends. It seems to be rampant and I do think its talked about more than before. Or maybe I never realized it was taboo to discuss! I've thought often about why its become such an issue these days (have you seen the many billboards all around Vegas?!)and have come to some conclusions that are probably incorrect so I won't air them. Just know that in my little world, people do talk about it and the options available to them.

Eliza said...

Diana is so adorable! I love the girly, frilly dress and the boingy hair! Savers is my favorite too.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, your son looks kinda happy here. And I LOVE This photo. And I love SAVERS! SAVERS ROCKS SO HARD. I GET ALL MY CLOTHES AT SAVERS. (mostly)