Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jar Head

We interrupt the parade of Ghosts of Christmas past to bring you a post from the here and now.

Last night was our ward Christmas party. It had a back to Bethlehem theme. I pulled out our small box of nativity costumes that we have thanks to my Mom. Knowing better I didn't offer any of them to the boys.

I was showing Diana how it would look. Once I donned my shepherd headgear, Diana informed me that I looked like a jar.

You know like a canning jar with fabric on top of it. What the heck. How does a nine year old think of that?

What do you all think?

As a side note, my hair is looking a bit black instead of grey. With all going on lately, I have never managed to get that little task done. Even though I posted about it over a month ago. Thanks to my wonderful sister and her two day visit my grey is nowhere to be seen. I am hoping that the color will lighten, soon. It was so good to have a visit from my sister and besides coloring my hair, she helped a lot around here.


Shawna said...

That Diana is one cleaver cookie!

Marjorie said...

I think Diana is pretty clever too since there are lots of good things that come in jars with cloth toppers on them! Just like you!

Kris said...

I never would have thought of it, but since she suggested it, I agree. I'm glad your party went well and that Jen was able to go and help.