Friday, December 12, 2008

Ghosts of Chrstmas Past, part 8

Well as you can see there is a little bit more estrogen in the picture this year. And you can tell that I didn't even enjoy finally having a little girl of my very own. She was decked in pink and bows from the day we brought her home. The addition of Diana to our family was certainly the highlight of 1999. And those adorable kissable cheeks, very hard to resist.

I love the faces on both my boys. Trent looks pretty upset that we made him get dressed up and show up. Jared looks like he is half way thinking about smiling. I look rather skinny, I think. That is probably because I was too busy to eat. Also I did start wearing contacts when my glasses went away a few years ago. And this year we took the torture chamber on the road to Penny's. That always seems to add to the length and depth of the torture session.

Events that year also worth mentioning: Trent's baptism and Jared starting kindergarten. It was so much fun each day as the boys in our family would go to school and the girls would go shopping.

We were still involved in all the sports craziness that two boys bring. They both played soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring. And we added cub scouts and piano lessons as well. And Diana was a good sport by tagging along happily to all the practices and games.

The other noteworthy news of the year was that the 4 cats we had the year before multiplied into 10 cats. Sure that is good news, just like the sailing of the Titanic. Yes, I became a crazy cat lady at the young age of 33.

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Kristina P. said...

She was so adorable! How fun to finally have a little girl.