Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

1. If every job paid $50,000 a year, and you had no physical or mental limitations, what would you do?

Oh, this is easy, I would be a star on Broadway. I would absolutely die to be in Wicked. It would be hard to choose between playing Glinda because she is so funny or playing Alphaba because well, she is the star of the show and sings many of my favorite songs. Hey, this is fantasy, right? Can I be Glinda for a month, with all of her popularity and then spend a month playing Alphie. That would be a dream come to true to me. And if Wicked wasn't available, my other dream would be to play Marry Poppins. Ever since I first saw the movie, Mary Poppins has been one of my favorite people. I hope some day to see the Broadway production of this play.

2. What is your current church calling? What do you like about it? What have some of your other callings been?

I just got called to teach gospel doctrine. Last Sunday was my first day. For a first lesson it didn't go to badly. There was some great class participation which always makes a lesson, in my opinion. Before that I was Laurel advisor. I wouldn't mind teaching G.D. so much if it didn't mean leaving the girls. I absolutely love YW's and in my new calling interview I struck a deal that I can still go to camp next year. It is strange because for twenty four years, I have split my time between Relief Society and Young Women's. Only a short 8 month stint in primary. I do like RS and it will be good to meet any new people who have moved in the last year.

3. Name a person you regularly encounter (outside your family) who brightens your day.

Do you mean real people or blog friends? Probably a sad commentary on my life that daily I encounter people through their blogs, much more than in person. That said, anyone who comments on my blog brightens my day, without fail.

I hate to name names because I know I would leave someone out. Many friends bless my life regularly as I wrote about just recently.

4. In twenty years, what do you think you will miss most about your life now?

If the trend continues, I expect to be very much missing my mind in twenty years. I hope I am missing my home because I am serving a mission. I'll tell you what I won't miss, and that would be making a mortgage payment, or nursing an invalid child.

5. What’s something you appreciate about your spouse?

The fact that he works so hard to support our family. He often works six days a week, keeping our household afloat. I am very lucky to have such a hard worker for a husband.

6. What is your favorite routine, household chore?

This one is easy also. Laundry. Due to the fact that I went to a laundry mat for the first 6 years I was married, I got into the habit of doing laundry once a week. To this day, I still only do laundry once a week. I get a huge sense of satisfaction when it is all clean and put away. And the fact that I do not have to do it again for a week, a beautiful thing.

7. What’s a book you return to occasionally (besides the scriptures)

Anne of Green Gables. One of my all time favorite books. My grandmother gave me the set of these books when I was about 12. They remind me of her. I love the story of Anne and her determination and achievements despite a rough start in life. And the love story between her and Gilbert, well it doesn't get better than that. Diana's name is from these books. Anne's dark haired friend who is with her through thick and thin.

8.Favorite Small Pleasures

Oreo McFlurry, Qdoba chips and guacamole, newborn kittens, heating pads, mp3 players, Pride and Prejudice ( the long version with Colin Firth), Naps, thermal underwear, Murder She Wrote

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Kris said...

Hey I should have remebered that you are a Braodway Star wannabe. This may sound pathetic, but I don't know what my dream job would be.