Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Last night Diana decided that she wanted to get her hair cut. Apparently it was one of those days when you just can't take your hair anymore. I have been thinking about this for a while, because her long, long hair is sometimes difficult to manage. But still it is such a drastic thing to just chop it all off. Personally I couldn't do it, so I took her to super cuts. It was all over surprisingly fast. It will grow back in about a year, so not to worry if she doesn't like it.

Lovely before shot.
A shot in the chair with the cape.

It really is very long.

And here is the after shot. Good bye all those tangled split ends.

And finally the after shot. It feels so much healthier and how easy will it be to take care of. Hurray!


Shawna said...

Way Cute Diana!

Eliza said...

Super cute!

Smart Helm said...

Good job in the being brave department. I don't like cutting my hair... my "one beauty"!

SEBishop said...

What a BEAUTIFUL girl and I love her hair! Thanks for sharing.

Kris said...

Way to go Dianna!! When I cut Laura's hair, It was becuase we could not brush the rats nest. So the next day she went to school and told everyone her mom cut out a rats nest from her hair. Her teacher thought it was very funny.

Jennifer said...

Very cute Diana, I love it!