Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'd like to buy a vowel.....

Big news around here, Jared got his braces off last week. I didn't post about it earlier because Jared requested that I not share this good news. I have kept it to myself for a week, but that is a long as I can last. This will be the first month in five years that I have not been to the orthodontist. Yipee! Color me ecstatic. What will I do with all my spare time? Oh, yea go to the gym. This is something to celebrate, totally blog worthy. So no one tell Jared that I wrote about it, OK.

Once his braces were off, the next thing was to go to the dentist. It took about an hour and a half to clean his teeth. There was so much cement left on there. And then there were his first x-rays in five years. Well you guessed it, teenage kid + braces for five years = many cavities. Curses.

I think I have talked about my dentist before. His mom was a very good friend of mine in California. When I first moved here and needed to pick a dentist, it seemed like a great choice. And the fact that his office was in my two mile circle, well that sealed the deal. As an added bonus he has a fridge stocked with water in the waiting room and freshly baked otis spunkmeyer cookies on the counter. Let's just say I love to go to the dentist. And now we have a ten year relationship of trust and friendship established. Also he is an awesome dentist, that is a big plus as well.

The bad news is that he is not in my network of providers. My insurance does pay him something, but if his offices charges more, which is always the case, then I just have to pay for the difference. This can be costly at times, but they are always good to let me make payments. This has the added bonus that I can stop by and pay in person and get a cookie. Woohoo!
Somehow sugar and chocolate lessens the blow of my bank account being drained.

And truthfully when I once looked at the list of dentists contracted with my insurance company, no one on the list had any vowels in their last names. This is highly prejudicial of me to be resistant to going to a dentist whose last name I can not pronounce. But there you have it.

So for now I will keep paying quite a lot of money for the water, cookies, trust, and the three vowels in my dentist's last name.


Eliza said...

FREEDOM!!! Good for you!

Smart Helm said...

Man.. I can't believe u say such nice things about a dentist. Didn't u know they are the most feared people in the world?
I suppose I am glad u found a nice one... I never have! Um.... I mean... My friends husband is the exception of course. Hence why I will never go to him.

Kris said...

Happy day for you all! Brandon has to wear his until he is 18, since he won't wear his head gear.

Jen said...

Somehow it seems ~wrong~ that your dentist is passing out sugar bugs. :) But sounds yummy!