Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Due to the fact that I have recently acquired some new readers, I feel some background is in order. You could just go back and read the 61 posts from July, but here is the readers digest version.

My fourteen year old son got a staff infection in his right hip. He went into septic shock from this infection and almost died resulting in 10 days on a ventilator, 18 days in ICU, and 25 days total in the hospital. Since then we have found out the infection pretty much ate away his hip. He is on crutches and has been unable to go to school. Pretty much a bummer to a ninth grade kid who should be starting high school. So this fall has been full of doctor appointments and lots of nursing opportunities involving quality mother/son time together.

Yesterday started out just like any other day for the past few weeks. Jared asking for water and breakfast, and me wondering if and when this new life of servitude would ever end.

And then just like that, the phone rang. It was my orthopedic surgeon calling to say that he wanted us to talk to the hip specialist and how about today at 3:40. "HECK YEA!", was my reply. Because I really just wanted some sort of answer as to when the surgery would be. If it was not to be for three years, then at least knowing that might make it easier. Probably not. But knowing is always better than not knowing, in my book. It is just a quirk I have, that I want to be able to plan my life and such.

And so just like that, we were off to see the wonderful wizard of doctors. And with a wave of his magic medical wand he said "I think you need a hip replacement." And after a consultation where he described the process and answered questions, a nurse walked in and said "How about surgery on November 7th." Holy three weeks away Batman! With a new hip, Jared will be off of crutches in about sis to eight weeks. He will be able to put on his shoes and socks BY HIMSELF. Oh mylanta, the possibilities are endless.

And best of all he should be well enough to go back to school next semester. This is the best news of all. Not that I haven't enjoyed our time together, but I haven't enjoyed every minute of it.
Here are some pictures of what they are going to put in his hip. They will cut all of the bad decayed bone away, and replace it with these shiny metal replacements.
I really liked the doctor we talked with. He is younger and so he will be able to take care of Jared for many years to come. They will have a life long friendship. Also he has done a hip replacement on someone who is thirteen, so Jared will not be the youngest.
All in all, it amazes me at how much difference a day can make. I felt like I would go crazy from being in limbo and not knowing what was going to happen. And now we have a plan. A date for the beginning of the ending, if you will.
And so it is a very happy day! Hip, Hip, Hooray! (get it hip, LOL sometimes I crack myself up)


Marjorie said...

Hip hip hip hip hooray!!! That is the perfect sentiment! I am so glad that there is something to be done sooner than later. Good luck, Jared. Now you will be bionic man!
Good luck to all of you!

Allison Barnes said...

That is great news!!!! YEAH!!! It must be so nice to have some hope and answers.

I got your news about not going to the gym on friday.. maybe next week!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Wow! What a story. Poor things, both of you! and YAY! Hip Hip Hooray! ha ha ha What a fabulous pun! That made me spit my lemon head out!

Good job.

Eliza said...

Horay for an end in sight!

Amie Earl said...

oh happy day we wish you the best of luck and all things considered this will turn out the best it can