Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phase One: Mission to Stalk Donny Osmond

Todoay, I was driving, minding my own business, la la la la , when what did I happen to spy in front of me, this taxi with an advertisement billboard on the back.

Well of course knowing that I have a bbff who is keen on Donny, I realized I needed a closer picture. As luck, or insane need to be prepared for blogging material at all times, would have it, my camera was in my purse. I snapped the picture above while I was driving and talking on the cell phone to two of my sisters. I am nothing if not good at multi-tasking. The speaker phone was used, because I am only human after all. Driving, stalking, snapping pictures, and carrying on a conversation at the same time, I got skills people.

I wasn't sure if that shot turned out, so I pursued my victim in order to get a closer shot. It is difficult to drive close enough for a close up with out rear ending someone. I'm just saying. And I pondered just how I would explain to my husband that I rear ended a taxi with a billboard of Donny and Marie, just so I could have something good to blog about. Do you think he would believe that I was distracted by a flying monkey? Then my mind wandered and I went on to think about the great pictures I could get of the accident, paramedics, policeman, and other victims. Do you think I have taken this blogging thing to a whole new level of crazy? Perhaps.

And then I even turned off of the street I wanted to be on, to follow the taxi until it stopped at a stop light. That is when I was rewarded with this great close up. Can you see someone has defaced the white teeth part of this sign? How rude. Once I had my close up, I veered off to make a U-turn and return to my pathway home. I'm pretty sure I went undetected.

So I think phase two will involve checking out the parking lot of the Flamingo Hotel where the show is performing. Don't worry, I will keep you all updated. Does anyone know how long it takes to post bail for some one arrested for stalking?


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha YOU GO, GIRL!!

ha ha ha

That was a nice surprise.

Eliza said...

I tink that you have definately taken your stalking skills to a whole new level. I'm a little scared.

Allison Barnes said...

I needed a good laugh this morning! My brother is a taxi driver... I will ask him what is on the back of his car... and see if he noticed a stalker.

Debbie said...

I just admire you bloggers who carry the camera a risk life and limb for these great shots! Plus, risking being arresting for stalking - all in the name of a great post. And the story about your son - my goodness. I sure hope that replacement is soon and works well.

Smart Helm said...

Hmm... I guess its a good thing Donny and Marie are here in Vegas. Good luck on future stalking situations!

Jen said...

Wow. Those are some pretty impressive multitasking skills. I probably would have hit the taxi - and had to face life without the pic of Donny and Marie. That would have been soooo depressing!

Nice pics by the way - and you must have a really clean windshield because I couldn't even see any bugs. (unless you were hanging out of the car...)

Amidey (aka Crazy Lady) said...

Oh, I am a full fledged Donny and Marie stalker already. You may have heard how we drive by his house in Provo all the time. I have a wedding announcement from Marie's wedding (some blond dude with a mustache) and I even held her baby the day she was blessed. My aunt was her RS president. My mom knew them when they were little. And even though neither one has any idea who I am, they both know my aunt, so I feel like they almost know me. Dude, do I sound like a stalker or what? I LOVE DONNY!

Pat said...

Jen, my windshield is not very clean so it just must have been luck that no bugs showed up in the picture.

Amidey, I'm am so impressed with how close you are to "knowing" Donny. Next time I see you, can I touch you?