Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shameless begging...

Ok, people I am giving in to peer pressure by adding the feature to my blog by which people can tell me they like to read about my ridiculous life.

Like it says, just humor me and make me think that you follow my blog. Even if you never come here again, just try to give my self esteem a little boost by adding yourself.

You can even count it as service on your celestial kingdom score card.

You will also receive brownie points and a gold star.

I know some blogs actually have real prizes that people actually want, but times are hard, people.

So come on, it won't hurt, you know you want to.

Just click the follow button.

Go ahead.

It will make my day.


The Webber's said...

Pat -
I tried to become a follower of your blog, but it said that I already was a follower and didn't add me to your list! Just know that you can count me as a loyal reader! Hope all is well in Vegas - I am starting to miss it just a little since he started SNOWING here yesterday!!! If you ever come to Cache Valley, let me know!

SEBishop said...

I did not see any button, but I follow your blog and life regularly. Your writing makes me smile and I cry at your current trials and pray for continued moments of happiness,

We ALL need validation and with this new trend in blogging, feelings of jealousy can take over when you see that a fellow blogger has TONS of comments!

PAT--just blame it on your AGE--more bloggers are in their 20-30! Us over 40 are slower to embrace the technology.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brooke and Stephanie for your thoughts