Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't you hate it when....

Oh my goodness, I am entering another contest. Who'd of thunk it. Shelle over at Blok-thoughts is having a fun weekly contest called Don't you hate it when..... Go check out the entries, because they really are laugh out loud funny.

Here's my story titled "Anybody got a quarter?"

Don't you hate it when you have to take your invalid son to yet another doctor appointment.

We finish up around lunch time. We are both hungry. He wants McDonalds which makes me want to puke. I want Qdoba, just the most fabulous restaurant in the world. Especially the chips and guacamole.

Economic times being what they are, this also plays a role. Thanks to a most wonderful friend who was at a UNLV football game and gathered up a bunch of $5 Qdoba gift certificates, I figured I could get my lunch for free.

With much protest from son, I stopped at Qdoba first because it was closer and I was the one driving the car.

Here I encountered a nice if not so flexible employee. I asked for my chips and guacamole. That was $2.89. Way under $5, so I decided I could lived life large and ordered another side of guacamole. Now the total was $4.11.

Here's where the inflexibility comes in. That was all I wanted, but the guy said that the total had to be over $5 or he could not put the negative $5 coupon in. Good grief. I looked on the menu for something else.

He helpfully recommended a drink. I don't really like to get drinks. I don't even like soft drinks, just water for me. They are a big fat waste of money in my opinion. My kids hate this about me. So, OK in the interest of getting my free food, I will take a drink that I don't even want.

Now the total is $5.27. Great. Now the tricky/exasperating part. I don't have 27 cents. In fact thanks to pilfering kids, I have exactly one penny.

Resourcefully, I hand the guy my debit card. No Go , they can not do a debit transaction for 27 cents. Holy panic, batman.

I say, hold on I will go and look in my car. I search high and low, under floor mats, in crevices, and ash trays. So much fun.

Finally I score two dimes and two pennies, bringing my total to 23 cents.

I go back in and ask the guy, could this just please work. And mercifully he accepts.

And so I leave with my chips, guacamole, and drink.

I guess there is no such thing as a free lunch.


Kristina P. said...

Very funny! I may have to vote for you. But it will cost you 27 cents.

Funny Farmer said...

DUDE! This was PYPFunny! Love it! I vote for you!

Pat said...

Kristina, what I want to know is do you have a life away from your computer. How are you the first one to comment on everyone's blog? Is it a personal goal of yours or just the way it works out.
Geez girl get out and see the world OK?

Pat said...

Oh and did you miss the post, I DONT HAVE 27 CENTS. So I guess I won't be getting your vote.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha hahahahahahahahahaahahaha

I am laughing out loud again. But this time tears are streaming from my eyes.

YOu are SO going to win. haeeeeeee he hehoehohhee he

ha haha hahahahahahahahahahaahahahah

I hate it when that happens!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh, and ha ha haha ahahhahah that was also funny advice you gave to our naughty friend Kristina P.

I've often wondered that too.

But at least she's OUR friend, cause she rocks. Even though she's so naughty.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

And you're look lovely in blue today. So glad you finally got dressed. You know how I hate nudity.

Pat said...

Ok the nudity comment totally cracked me up. Maybe someting fabulous will happen to me, like winning a free blog makeover and then I will even get more dressed up than this. Who knows stranger things have happened?

Pat said...

Oh and Kristina I love that you comment, so I should really not give you a hard time about being first,k.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

LOLOLOL! That was funny Pat...and a good one! Now you need to go and sucker people to vote for yoU!lol!

Where is the person behind you who chivalarously saves you from going to your car and says, "I got this?" Where's that person when you need them!

Okay...I'm going to have to follow are hilarious!

Smart Helm said...

Hey Pat.. any time u need a few extra sense, I'll send them right over! :-)

Man.. u are getting so popular... Cuz u are so funny! Thank you for sharing ur experiences and I'm glad I get to know u IN PERSON!

Pat said...

Shelle, wow I feel so popular. I am so glad the funny farmer introduced us.

And Melanie, I am glad you are so smart so you have some sense to spare.

Hahahahahaha, that was a good one. I love puns. Good job.

Shannon said...

Came over from Shelle's blog...

This would so happen to me! LOL!

Kritta22 said...

Holy crap! I would have just given it to you!! You are so funny!

Eliza said...

You always make my laugh. I want to know how embarressed was Jared?

Kris said...

Pat, This was so funny!! I hope you win. I am going to vote for you now!!