Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last week, I found a gift card to get a pedicure. I have had it knocking around in my purse for a year. Seeing as how I was in desperate need of pampering, it seemed like just the thing to do. So I got my first pedicure ever in my whole entire life. I know, I know, where have I been, how is this possible? All very good questions, to which the answer is that I really don't care if my nails are painted. It is just not a priority to me, so paying someone else to do it, not really high on my list. Crazy, I know. Now that I have had a pedicure, I did like it, but I still don't think I would spend my own money on such a thing. It was blissfully peaceful to sit in the massage chair. I turned my phone off during the hour it took. When I turned my phone back on, Jared called just minutes later. So good call on turning it off, on my part. And then my sandals were going to mess up the paint job, so they gaveme these stylish shoes to wear home. Nice, huh?


Allison Barnes said...

I love pedicures!! So glad you got to have your first one. They are hard to justify money wise... I only do it for a special occasion.

So fun to see you at the soccer game! Hope to see you at the gym this week!

Emily said...

I too have never experienced the joy of a pedicure, but just seeing yours makes me smile :) I hope it continues to make you smile every time you look at your beautiful little tootsie toes!