Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still some good in the world

If you need to read something that will restore or rekindle your hope in human kind, check out this article:

This is an article written by Bryan Kehl, who played defense for BYU last year and is now playing for the New York Giants. I of course, even have his autograph. He has written several articles before this where he talked about just how hard fall camp was and how he even wondered if it was worth it. This is the experience that changed his mind.

Even if you don't like football or BYU, you have to be proud to belong to a church/human race with a fellow disciple of Christ like Bryan Kehl.

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The Crash Test Dummy said...

I love how concise this was. Short and sweet. ;) And I was hoping you'd call me out on the length of my ghost story. What a good listening you are. And I'm gonna get you for that tomorrow! hee hee