Friday, October 17, 2008

Why I feel the need to stalk Donny

Just in case any of you youngins out there have never seen just why Donny and Marie are worth stalking, here is a little walk down memory lane.

Personally, I have very fond memories of watching their show every Friday night. Those were the days when television was still family friendly.

Anyway the fact that this clip was hip and popular, well it tells you just how far down the drain we have gone.

So enjoy!


Kris said...


Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Wow, good times. I think it is great that you are stalking them, as long as you don't find out what ward they are attending and snap picts in sunday school.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

THat made me cry!!! (well, I was crying anyway) But I totally watched them every Friday night too! I had forgotten how cute Donny was and what a good dancer.

Don't you think Marie was a little too happy in the everybody's somebody's fool song, though? She hadn't been through her pain yet.

Jen said...

sad. so sad. so, you're telling me the pink shirt and white shoes did it for you, huh. sad, sad. :) haha

Pat said...

Yes I am telling you that the pink shirt and shite shoes did it for me. Please don't mock me in my old age, k.

SEBishop said...

Didn't ALL mormon girls our age think they would marry Donny and have a bunch of Osmond kids and become rich and famous!

I loved the most recent Donny and Marie talk show! I watched it EVERY day while nursing my now 9-year old child!

Great clips!