Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today I will stalk people in new and unusual ways...

Here's a story of a lovely lady who freaked out a fellow blogger, purely unintentionally, I assure you.

The convoluted, if not boring details:

Last night I was babysitting for some friends. They have two girls age 4 and 1. Diana loves to play with them and again, I am just the adult there to get everyone out of the house in case of fire. Diana even did the diaper duties. Such a good future babysitter and mother.

So once everyone was asleep, I settled into the recliner with my friend's laptop to do a little blog reading.

Much to my dismay, not much activity going on. Come on people, please entertain me. Here I was at some one else's house. No need to feel guilty for not doing the dishes, laundry, or anything else instead of sitting at the computer. I checked The Funny Farm, this is a great funny blog you should all visit if you haven't yet. The Funny Farmer just reviewed another great blog Crash Test Dummy Diaries.

I have been reading this blog for a while now, even before the Funny Farmer's insightful and enticing review. So as I read that she was hoping to have real followers instead of ones that she forced to follow her blog, I thought why not? I proceeded to sign up to follow her blog. The problem was that I was not using my computer, and I did not know how to log into my blogger account so that it would show my lovely football screaming picture. So in the end, I figured I would just leave myself as a follower and add my real picture from my laptop at home at some later date.

Fast forward to tonight, when it was my turn for the laptop and I checked blogs and found this post. Color me flabbergasted. Here is a whole humorous post written about me by someone I don't even know. I have never even commented on her blog before. So when I come out of the closet labeled lurking, I do it big people.

Crash Test Dummy I have to tell you that I feel you are a kindred spirit. I love your blog and Donny Osmond obsession. And strangely your suspicion that I was a scary stalker, too close to home for comfort. If you only knew, I think you would start the restraining order papers now.

Just so you know I am an equal opportunity stalker. I have stalked Jeffrery R. Holland , John Bytheway, and various general presidency members.

But where my stalking skills really shine is in regards to BYU football. There is this great picture of me with Bronco Mendenhall, Lavel Edwards, and Max Hall and Dennis Pitta. Then I even stalk my team on TV. That one made my friends and family a tiny bit concerned about me.

Trust me this is just the tip of the ice burg to my looniness. If I had time to keep linking posts, you could be here all night watching me stalk players from the football team, multiple times.

And this is how I earned my nick names of super stalker and paparazzi pat. Yes I come by them honestly. I have decided to put Elder Uctdorf at the top of my stalking wish list, but don't anyone tell/warn him, OK.

So you may want to rethink this whole public blog idea. And you have your good friend Funny Farmer to thank for all this drama. Way to go Funny Farmer. Way to start a whole TH"ING here in cyber space. You know you still love me. **waving maddly** And I love and admire you also. And you too crash test dummy. So even though our cyber friendship is off to a bit of a strange start, I hope that ten years from now we will look back at it and laugh. Because it is rather hilarious, don't you think?


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh no, you came out of the closet too fast. I didn't get to revel in the intrigue long enough.

But at least I'm up there with greats like Lavell Edwards and Jeffry Holland AND other general presidency members. I'm flattered.

And happy to have met a kindred spirit!

Thanks for following! HUGE WAVES! (and I mean that literally since I live in Hawaii and you should see Pipeline right now.

Jen said...

I just came over from Crash Test.

What a let down. You seem pretty normal after all, and not the least bit creepy or weird.

But now that I'm here, I may have to peruse your blog a bit, because it does look rather interesting...

Kristina P. said...

I just read the comments you left on Crash Test! That's too funny! The suspense was killing me.

OK, I guess you're not creepy. You're gorgeous! I might have to stalk and spy on you now.

You're on my Reader. Done.