Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Day of Miracles

Yesterday something miraculous happened. I cleaned out my fridge. I know for most of you this is nothing out of the ordinary. But sadly for me it is a stupendous chore requiring superhuman powers . Slowly since I stopped working outside of the home, I am trying to get on top of things around here. Once I had managed to clear a path through the house, I thought I would move on to the daunting task of the fridge. I can not say when I last did this task, which is scary enough to admit to the public. It might explain why I found an unopened quart of whipping cream with an expiration date from June last year. Part of the reason for this would be that time seems to moving at warp speed. I seem to be running behind yelling "wait for me". Well so now for at least a day, there is nothing sticky spilled on any of the shelves of my fridge. I would say that deems labeling this day as extraordinary, amazing, fabulous, and wonderous. The thesaurus even gives the word thaumatiguric as an synonym for miraculous, so I guess that would apply as well. Anyone every heard of that word? Or in other words having a clean fridge is a good thing.


Marjorie said...

This is amazing! Your good karma must have found me because I cleaned out my fridge yesterday too! And I must say that it feels sooo good to look in and see shiny shelves and have the ability to find things on the back of the shelves! I'm not going to fess up to the oldest expiration date of the things I dumped, but I say, "lets give ourselves a pat on the back!"

Elizabeth said...

Way to go! I love it! Now are you ready to fill up your freezer with food?

peacekeeper said...

i know that was a major task for you and i applaud you and your mom on being victorious over that monster. good job!