Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Strange Sighting

Ok, a few weeks ago I heard this very strange noise when I got out of bed . It sounded kind of like someone coughing and it was coming from Trent's room. This was cause for alarm because Trent had already left for school that day. Imagine my surprise when I went in his room and saw this strange looking bird on the roof outside his window. Of course the first thing I did was run and get my camera. Got to get blog material where you can, you know. I was hoping that I could capture the strange bird call, but of course the bird refused to perform. It did however perform another bodily function for my benefit. And notice at the end of the clip, one of the illegal alien felines that has set up camp at my house. Does it make itself useful by catching this bird? No. Through some research, I think that this is a ringneck pheasant. I did find a website with a recording of a pheasant. But I could not figure out how to attach it to my movie. So if you really want to hear it, go to Wikipedia and you can hear it here. This is really pretty much what it sounded like. I wonder why a bird that can fly would decided to live in Vegas?


Shawna said...

It cracks me up that you found the bird sound for us, you are too funny!

Just Me! said...

What a funny bird and how great you captured it on video. Did you climbed out your window to get the footage? I remember that you and Marion loved to work on puzzles while at BYU! Someday, when I don't have a todler, I will get to attend Women's Conference! I do capture many of the talks on BYUTV. A new passion.