Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snake Escape

Note to self: Next time Jared calls to me "Mom, can you come and help me?" I should turn and run away. Tonight I made the mistake of coming to see what Jared needed. We were the only two people at our house this evening. So Jared needed me to hold this plastic bag with his two snakes in it while he cleaned out his cage. This is the lovely face I made during the procedure. Jared assured me that the snakes could not climb up the slippery bag. I questioned him as to why it was necessary for them to be in a bag, to which he replied that he could not find the top of his smaller snake container. Given this information, I figured that I would rather hold the bag of snakes than have them accidentally escape and be loose in my house. So I was sitting at the top of the stairs holding a bag of snakes and talking to a friend on the phone. Jared decided that it would be funny to jump out and yell at me as if the snakes were attacking me. It worked and I was very startled. Later on, I was in his room and arguing with him about some procedure of the cage cleaning. I looked away from the bag I was holding and when I looked back, one of the snakes had his head poking from the top of the bag. Forcing myself not to just drop the bag and run, I somehow managed to get the snake back to the bottom of the bag. Yikes, that was a close one. At lease it kind of freaked Jared out as well. And here is a picture of a snake trying to climb up the side of the bag. So, obviously Jared's theory was wrong.


Just Me! said...

MOM of the YEAR is awarded to you for that feat! Simply allowing snakes in your house is a marvel! I love your face in the pic!

Elizabeth said...

I was going to say the same thing about mom of the year! Yikes!

peacekeeper said...

You are brave...but i must agree that holding the bag has to be better than them lost in your house.