Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Othodontist Blues

We went to the orthodontist yesterday, AGAIN. Jared first started seeing people for consultations in the spring of 2003. Yes, that was almost FIVE years ago. He first actually got the braces attached to his teeth in August of that year, so he has only had the braces for four and a half years. That is an awfully long time to be going to an appointment about once a month. Originally we were given the estimate that it should only take 3 years to be done with those painful metal devices. Well those three years have come and gone. Last fall they said that perhaps he would be ready to have them off in February. So it was with much anticipation on both my part and Jared's that we went to yesterday's appointment. Our hopes crashed to the ground like a water balloon, when they said that it would still be 3 or 4 more months before he would be done. Oh well, at least he should get them off before high school. And really what else would I do with my free time if not to drive him to the orthodontist all the time.
Diana also had an appointment yesterday. Happily the doctor said that she doesn't need hers for at least a year. At least there was some good news. I was talking with the doctor and asking if he thought that Jared had gotton his braces on too soon and that was why it was taking so long. He looked at his chart and replied that he didn't think it was too soon and that on average people take three years. He said that they hate to have people on the 5 year plan. He also told me that when I talk with others, I should not mention his name when telling people how long Jared's braces were taking. I though that was pretty funny. It was obvious that he feels pretty bad that it is taking so long. In the good news department, we were charged a flat fee at that beginning and so we have not had to make a payment for the past 3 years. The deal was that no matter how long it took, we would not have to pay any additional fees. Maybe the doctor feels bad about that also, that he is not making an new revenue off of us. Also having kids so far apart in age is kind of sad because Diana will probably get hers right after Jared gets his off. That was poor planning on my part. My brother's 3 kids are all having them at the same time. While this is outrageously expensive, at least it is time efficient to take them to appointments at the same time. I will have to plan better next time.


peacekeeper said...

i am not looking forward to the whole orthodontist experience but it may be a reality. we will see. good luck finishing jared and starting diana.

Just Me! said...

Brandon gets his braces off next month after 2 years. He is 16 and a sophomore~! We won't even start Hunter until July when our insurance coverage is changed. He will probably have them in High School. I also will be driving to the ortho FOREVER since Jessie turns 3 on March 4. Very poor planning.

Allison Barnes said...

Hey Pat, it's Allison. It was fun to visit for a minute at soccer practice! I've been reading your blog for a while, but never comment... sorry. you are so funny!

Hey, who is your orthodontist? Mitchell needs to go real bad! I have been procrastinating because of the price! but i guess i better do it sometime.

here is my blog address