Friday, February 29, 2008

Leaping Lizards!

So Happy Leap Day! Here it is, a special day we only get to experience every four years. What are you going to do with your extra day? I am looking forward to catching up on things like sleep. Oh, and I guess I could throw some housework in there also. Then there is the scout camp out I need to help Jared get ready to attend. Usually he is very self sufficient. But of course this time has to be the Klondike Derby, where they are going up to Mount Charleston to camp in the snow. So you are suppose to have all sorts of warm clothing just so you won't die of hypothermia. Of course Jared has out grown anything we had last year. I may be able to borrow some boots from one of the young men leaders. That would be great. I am hoping to go to Savers and find some other things that will work. Wish me luck. Then so I won't be bored, I am in charge of the food for a baby shower tomorrow. I have assigned people to bring things, but not as many as I should have due to procrastination on my part. So I will just do it myself which at this point seems easier than trying to ask someone else at the last minute. So obviously I am very glad to have an extra day to get things done.


peacekeeper said...

i spent my afternoon cleaning up a backyard full of POOP! it took almost two hours to get all of it. i think the dog has outlived its welcome and might be finding a new family that will really give her the time and attention she deserves. oh well! i have also done laundry...dishes...etc. i wish i could sleep!!!

Marjorie said...

I spent the morning in the temple and the afternoon loving on Ali and Lizzie. It has started to rain so I get out of yard work which is sorely needed but not very much fun. I was pretty amazed to see that little ol' February got to have FIVE Fridays this year. That only happens once every, oh, four years! I should sleep, but probably I will make dinner. It sounds like you could use a week of extra days!