Saturday, August 30, 2008

But if not

I had a very nice talk with my brother this morning. Thanks Drew. He really gave me the pep talk I needed. I so admire the way things in life roll off his shoulders and he just rolls with what ever comes his way. He reminded me that there is nothing we can do about the fact that this has happened, it is what we do now that we have control over. We can choose to have a positive attitude and make the very best of it. Jared can say, I am going to prove these doctors wrong, and work hard and make more progress than they thought possible. There are many examples of people who took bad things and turned them into positives.

I wondered how you teach a kid to have such a good attitude. And I suppose the answer is by example. I must practice what I have preached about enduring trials well. I must say we were prepared to make a full recovery, but if not, I will still be strong and faithful and make the best of things. I can do that. Right now we are just going through the stages of grieving for the normal life that he has lost. It is completely normal and realistic to feel shock, anger, and pain at this news.

So for now the doctor has prescribed a traction thing for Jared to wear at night that will help pull that right leg away from the body. We go back to see the orthopedic surgeon in a month. Next Friday we have blood work done again and see what that tells us. We will continue with physical therapy, although I think they might change a little bit what they are having him do and certainly their expectations.

We have not yet decided what to do about school, but it is looking less likely to me, that he can handle it. I suppose home schooling him will not be the worst thing in the world. And I think he will still choose to go to seminary, because he really enjoyed it the one day he went last week.

So I am still dealing with feelings of loss and grief, but I feel more encouraged than I did last night. In an eternal perspective this really will not matter at all.


Emily said...

I am sure you are going through the grieving cycle, and understandably so...
I love your final comment about Eternal Perspectives. If we keep that in mind, so many things seem less important.
Good luck with all the decisions!

Shawna said...

Yeah for Drew!

I don't know what I would do about the whole school issue put in your situation. But I think Jared is one determined young man and he may surprise you. After all, if he gets mad at you looking at him, it might be a bit hard to home school him. Well if it comes to that I know you will be resourceful maybe you could start walking around like Napoleon Dynamite and he wouldn't even know your eyes were open.

Jennifer Lynn Hammond said...

I have a cousin who needed to not be physically at the high school, and she finished the year and eventually graduated by doing high school online. Same diploma, by a different method. So if that's an option in your school district, it might be worth looking into for Jared...
Unfortunately, sometimes "bad" things happen and we can't stop it, and we can't change it. However, there is a good side to every situation. For example, Andrew wouldn't be who he is today if he hadn't blown out his knee in football. He didn't play again and it changed his focus and his life and from where we're sitting it was a good thing for him although painful at the time.
We are hoping and praying that you feel better soon Jared!

Pat said...

Thanks guys. Jennifer we are considering virtual high school. It could be a very good option.