Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life is just so daily.

Well, today started at nine o'clock this morning with phone calls from the occupational therapist and then the home heath nurse. They were both coming at 10. Jared was still asleep, but I said OK.

The occupational therapist came and visited and watched Jared. He is doing so well that she said we didn't need her services. Well that is nice to hear.

The home health nurse came next and drew blood and changed the dressing on his wound. She also measured the hole in his hip. It is healing up nicely and is only 2 cm in diameter. I guess it is not much of a hole anymore.

This afternoon, the physical therapist came and evaluated him. He actually went up the stairs for him. He told him to try and walk not on his tip toe, which is what he has gotten used to. We don't need home physical therapy, but will start the out patient therapy next Monday. Hopefully we can get him strong enough for school by the 25th. He is making so much progress each day, that there is definitely a chance.

This afternoon, I went out to do a few errands. First of all I needed to get the rest of Jared's oral antibiotic. Last Thursday night, the pharmacy only had enough to give me for five days. They said come back and they would give me the rest. Well today, they still had not received their shipment. I gave Jared the last two I had this morning. She ended up giving me 2 doses worth. So I can give it to him tonight and in the morning, and then I get to go back. Oh good I have nothing better to do with my time, than run back and forth to the pharmacy every day. Hopefully they will have it worked out tomorrow. Sheesh.

Then I went to make a deposit at the ATM, because my bank is in Utah. Yes I know this is crazy, it is a long story I am too tired to tell right now. But due to our Debit card mishap, I could not get the ATM to work. Something about my PIN number.

So I headed to a bank inside Albertson's because apparently it is a shared banking branch. I never knew this, but I could make my deposit there just fine. This worked out well, because I grabbed a few essentials like bread and eggs. Also I was suppose to go to the pool store, but was running out of energy, so I grabbed some shock from the grocery store as well. Yea, for knocking things off my to do list, in one stop.

Oh, and by the way further research at google told me that 70% of the people labeled with an allergy to penicillin, are not really allergic to it. They just had a rash as a side effect once. This gives me a little bit of comfort, but I am still checking her every day for a rash, nonetheless.


peacekeeper said...

i know that you can make it til school starts and then i see some naps and eating bonbons while watching reruns in your future! you deserve a huge break when the kiddos go back to school. just remember...YOU ROCK!

SEBishop said...

I'm glad Diana isn't showing any reaction to the medicine. So much for you to worry about. Jared is a teenager so he will heal fast and I bet he will be ready for school and anxious to START and see his friends.

You will need to catch up on sleep and indulge in some pleasures just for you PAT!

Kris said...

I'm so glad Jared is getting better. My boys want to talk to him. When is the best time for them to call?