Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Latest Jared News

This morning we went to see the infectious disease doctor. Our appointment was at 8:30, and it was like pulling teeth to get us both there. It does not bode well for things to come when school starts.

We had to wait for a long time to be seen, because our nurse was out buying fruit and juice for the office. (I am only assuming this because we saw her run in out of breath with grocery bags from Smiths) This was hard because Jared is in a fair amount of pain due to physical therapy, yesterday.

So yes, after what seemed like forever we went into the room and the doctor finally came in and he said that the blood levels are looking good and so we can stop the IV antibiotics. This is very good news. And he said that we will only have to take the oral kind for two weeks. How happy is that? And we can stop the one oral antibiotic that he has been taking for the past three weeks. So basically we will be down to just taking something 3 times a day. Instead of like 4 different things, so that would be less wouldn't it?
Here is a picture of the IV antibiotic. Once a day I put a new one of these baby bottle things onto his IV port. It has this balloon thing in it that disperses the medicine over 24 hours. You can see the difference between the one that I took off and the new one waiting to be used up. This is so much better than trying to be on top of giving him an IV 4 times a day. The infectious disease doctor had actually never seen this before, and he was quite interested. He had his nurse come in and look at it and wanted her to get him more information about it, so he could request it for future patients. It really is so easy that anyone could do it.I guess some people call physical therapy (PT) pure torture. That could be true. It seems that no pain, no gain is actually true. I prefer the No pain, is No pain saying myself. But Jared has lost so much muscle, he has got a long way to go to get it back. We will be going 3 times a week for the next two weeks, and then maybe only twice a week.

I am hoping that I go up to girls camp just for Thursday. I hate to miss all the fun and camp song singing. Hopefully one day will be better than no days. We will see.

I still seem to be explicitly exhausted. I am very frustrated by that, and all these early morning doctor appointments and late night Olympics are not helping. I even gave up lasts night and went to sleep before the men's gymnastics was over. Oh well. Someone said it took a month to get this tired, maybe it will take just as long to get back to feeling normal.

So overall it is good news. We just have to keep plugging along and taking each day as it comes.


Kris said...

I love it when I am the first to comment. It sounds like Jared is coming along. I wish you had a majic wand to make him get better really fast.

SEBishop said...

Don't you love it when DOCTORS say they have never seen this before and want to use your STORY? That is certainly not worth all you went through, but it might help you be in print in the medical journals.

I too LOVE the Olympics and am glued to the TV at night.

peacekeeper said...

progress is progress so hooray. keep plugging along...you can do it!