Sunday, August 3, 2008

It just gets better and better.

This morning Marion ran to the church to help distribute the Fast Offering envelopes. The Bishop and second counselor are out of town. I guess the other counselor forgot, because no one was there with a key to the clerks office.

When Marion came home, he noticed a water leak out by the front door. He asked if he could turn the water off. I was trying to get the dishes done and was considering taking a shower and going to just sacrament meeting, but I figured he better do what needed to be done to stop the leak. He tried to fix it, but as plumbing is wont to do, it broke worse. (Topic for discussion: Plumbing, Tool of the Devil, Yes or No?) So he came inside and made a few calls to get YM stuff delegated at church. This was hard as many young men leaders were working. He finally found someone. And then left to go to home depot to get the needed part. Think ten oxen in the mire. Major emergency, if we have no water.

A minute later he came back and said the battery in his van was dead. I stared at him dumb founded. Why, I don't know, I should be expecting these things by now. So he took my car instead. Miraculously, it was not out of gas.

He's back the part is fixed so the water can be on in the house, but the sprinklers will need more work. Low, low, low on the priority list.

So basically, I am on the edge of my seat in suspense. What will happen next? Will our house burn to the ground or just be hit by lightening?

I swear you could not write this stuff. Television producers would reject this script as completely unrealistic and implausible.

No one in this house is going to church. Oh well maybe next week.


Allison Barnes said...

Oh My Gosh! I can't believe you are sane enough to turn on the computer! I think I'd be in my room with the door shut and lights out! Sounds like I need to pick you up and go for lunch! Are you allowed to leave the boy for an hour?? I'm serious.

Kris said...

I hope you take Allison up on her offer. What you probably need is a vacation from your life. Hopefully this week will go much better. Good luck with your DRs appnts today.

I hope Diana feels better.