Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Massages, blood work, and dinner

This afternoon I went and got a massage. It was beyond wonderful, although an insurance snafu kept me from getting adjusted at the chiropractor. Another topic of discussion: Health Insurance Companies, spawn of Satan, yes or no? I shouldn't dis on them since they are probably saving my about $100k, but I really needed that adjustment. Oh well, next week, I will go to my normal doctor and get a referral, just like the insurance company wants me to do. So raspberries to them. :p

Then I successfully picked up the rest of Jared's medication. Yea no more trips to the pharmacy. Jared's blood work from yesterday looked really good. In order to switch from IV antibiotics to oral ones, his ESR number has to be less than 30 and his CRP number has to be less than 2. Last week when we left the hospital, his ESR number was 100 and his CRP number was 26. His blood yesterday showed that his ESR is down to 40 and his CRP is 1.1. That seems like a huge improvement to me.

My friend Tammy made us yummy chicken roll ups for dinner, complete with a loaf of homemade bread. She also kept Diana entertained for most of the day. Diana continues to complain about her ear hurting. I am on the fence about taking her back in. I called and they said that sometimes it just takes longer for the antibiotics to kick in. I guess we will wait a few more days. Still no rash. So good news there.


peacekeeper said...

i agree...that is a huge improvement in my book! so wonderful that you have such a great support group down there. you are being fed well it sounds like. we are hoping things will continue to get better and that we will get to see you in sept :)

SEBishop said...

You are soooo deserving of a massage and great news about Jared's blood work! Concerning Insurance companies, Brad has horror stories to tell!

Glad things are looking up.

Kris said...

I'm so glad that Jared's numbers look so good, and that you got a message. You should make a list of all the fun things you will get to do soon and post it for us so we can all cheer you on.

Eliza said...

Horay for a massage! You totally deserve it. Now you can sit back and watch the olympics. Yea.

As to making a list of things to look forward to, I think that's a great idea. I hope Stress Free Socializing on Mondays will make the top of the list. I miss it.