Monday, August 4, 2008

The Doctor Appointments Begin

Well after all the excitement yesterday, things settled down. I even took a three hour nap in the afternoon. And then a very yummy dinner, complete with home made rolls and mint brownies arrived. Thanks Spencers. A nap really did help, even if it was interrupted a few times.

Today I got up at seven, so we could get ready and get to a doctor appointment by 8:50. These medical people are determined to keep messing with my sleep. This appointment was with the orthopedic surgeon. He thought that the wound was healing nicely. He gave the go ahead for Jared to shower. Now we just have to figure out how to do that with the pic line. Call me silly, but I am a bit anxious for Jared to have his first real shower in over a month. I mentioned this at the doctors office, and he said "You haven't showered in a month?" Jared was quick to inform him that he has had sponge baths. Oh, yeah those do count. But somehow it is not the same as a all encompassing shower. The Ortho Surgeon also gave us a referral to physical therapy, three times a week, for a month. That will be fun, but at least Marion can help with those appointments, since summer school, is over.

We returned from that appointment, long enough for Jared play video games with a friend and eat some lunch. I typed up a short three page document of the past month. I though that might be easier than trying to describe and repeat the whole story, AGAIN. So we headed off to the pediatrician for our 1 o'clock appointment. We managed to get Jared on the scale, with his clothes and shoes, he weighed 136. I'm not sure how much of the three pounds gained are just his clothes, but at least he hasn't lost any weight since last Wednesday. The pediatrician was glad that I brought my little history, as he had not received anything from the hospital. He was quite interested, and surprised at my calm recitation of the near death experience. He gave me his card, and was more than willing to help us with any referrals we might need.

We returned home, and Jared went right back to the video games with his friend. I felt worn out and went and had a nap. Diana and Marion were gone doing an electrical job. They took a break to get some dinner and then had one more job to check out. When Marion went to pay with his debit card, he did not have the new one we got in the mail Saturday. So he called and I ran it out to him, and picked up Diana so she could come home and take her medicine.

Next my visiting teacher brought us a delicious lasagna dinner. Thanks Janice and Brooke. Jared really liked it and had seconds. It makes me so relieved to see him eating again. He had 4 pieces of french toast for breakfast.

So little, by little things are getting back to normal. I can't believe it, Jared did not lay in his bed at all today. That seemed like huge progress. I wonder if he will pay tomorrow for over doing it. The home health nurse comes tomorrow, but otherwise we should have a quiet day.

We don't have to see the infectious disease doctor until August 12th, next week. And I am going to see if the home health people will send physical therapy to our house, before I schedule him appointments to go to outpatient.

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