Monday, August 25, 2008

I got nothing, no clever title today

This is why I am looking forward to saying good bye to August. Basically all of these illegible scribblings in my calendar means a doctor appointment, or orthodontist appointments, or physical therapy appointments, you get the picture. This month has been filled to overflowing with doctor appointments. All of which come with co payments. I think that Jared's recovery may turn out to be more expensive than his 25 day hospital stay. In a nutshell, I am sick of being sick, enough already.

Speaking of that, each day I go to the mail box filled with anticipation to see how much more my insurance company has had to pay for me. So far it is only about $8,000. But I have a feeling it is only the tip of the ice burg.

Jared did manage to go to school today, and made it the whole day. His first day of High School. I am impressed. He did not go to early morning seminary, I think we will add that on tomorrow. He seems reasonably happy with his schedule. On A day, all of his classes are on the first floor. On B day he will have both of his upstairs classes. He got his elevator pass today. I watched my phone for much of the day waiting for the nurse to call. I know, I know hypervigilence. What ever, I couldn't help it. He would not even let me come in with him this morning to make sure everything was OK. Are you kidding me, a ninth grader does not want to be dropped off by his mom, who would have thunk it? And see it all worked out so I was concerned for nothing. I have to admit to not sleeping very well last night, as I was worried for him.

After all the kids were safely at school, several friends and I went out to breakfast at IHOP. Diana got wind of this plan at choir yesterday, and she told me that perhaps she needed me to stay at school with her all day. Nice try, sister, no way, no how. My friends and I had a wonderful time for about 2 and a half hours. I had the most delicious garden crepes, with spinach and mushrooms. Yum, Yum. But what the heck, most of the time was spent discussing issues concerning our children. What is up with that I wonder? Do none of have any life other than our kids? I guess not.

So now I have to go and do my home work. No home work for the kids today, just the moms. Criminey.

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Kris said...

Hooray for school! Hooray for Jared being a teen instead of a sick little boy. Hooray for friends and long breakfasts. I am making plans for next week when I finally win a little time to myself!