Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's up Doc?

Today I took Jared to three doctorish appointments. Yes, I am an over achiever that way. I can't help it, I got skills.

First it was the infectious disease doctor. That was joyful due to the fact that there were absolutely no parking places open. Two weeks ago when we came to our first appointment, we wasted ten minutes driving around the block looking for the building. After two calls to the office, I discovered that the hospital had written down the wrong address. I am sure that the exact address of an unknown location is highly overrated. Well after the receptionist directed me in like one of the guys in an orange vest with glow sticks on the runway with a plane, we actually made it inside the right building.

Today I figured that fiasco would be avoided. But that fun time was replaced by the no less diverting activity of circling the parking lot looking for a parking space. Evidently a lot of old decrepit handicap people visit this building. It does seem wrong to out race some one with a cane to a parking space. Anyway somehow we finally found a place out on the street. I think I was suppose to put some money in an electronic monitor, but I could not figure it out and we were late, so oh well to that.

Once inside, I realized that I was not sure which room number we were looking for. This could be due to the fact that my brain has taken on the likeness of a sieve if not in form then in function. We entered from a different door this time, and everything looked different. Now granted it has only been two weeks, it shouldn't be that hard. Finally after a bit of wondering we found the right place.

This is a place that believes in giving patients a chance to develop patience. Curses. I have no time for patience. We were both anxious to get the blood results from last week. Jared entertained himself by examining some of those ear things that go on the lights. I offered to let him look in my ear, but he did not take me up on this offer. During this time my chair faced the exam table, and I was able to annoy him by looking at him. Geez.

Finally the doctor came in and told us that Jared's SED number was only down to 25, it was at 27 two weeks ago, but at 100 when we left the hospital. I had hoped it would be down to 0, but it might not go down that far. The other number is the CRP, that was 1.7, and two weeks ago it was at 1.1. At the hospital it was as high as 36. I think that this number has to do with inflammation, so maybe all the walking he has been doing is making that number go up.

When the doctor left the room, Jared told me not to freak out. I have tried to be calm all day, but I have to admit that the monster of fear is creeping into my head. The doctor did say that there was a slim chance that a new pocket of infection is forming. Yikes. We go to see the orthopedic surgeon next week and he will X-ray and we will see what he says. In the mean time the infectious disease doctor is stopping the oral antibiotics and we will retest his blood in two weeks. Then based on that result, we may not even have to go back in to see him.

Next we moved on to the orthodontist. Originally this appointment was suppose to be tomorrow, but I figured since we were already out and Jared was missing school, we could just get it all over with. We missed our July appointment due to being in a comma. Then we have rescheduled twice due to Jared not feeling up to going. I told the orthodontist the whole crazy story, in probably much too much detail. Since we have been going to see him for five years, he was quite shocked and upset for us, and I suppose one of Jared's longest friends.

I wanted to know WHEN would those @#$%^& braces being coming out of Jared's mouth. And will he even have any teeth left since he has not been the best brusher, and I have not brushed for him as much as I could have. Also is there some sort of award or pin for making it five years with braces. Do we get a gold retainer or something like that? You know a little bling, bling for all our years of trouble.

Well good news, we go back in three weeks for an adjustment, and then three weeks after that, the top braces will come off. I don't know if I even believe him. Surely this is just some sort of tortuous place where they just want to string people's hopes along for years and years. Whatever. I' m not bitter, can you tell? And I shouldn't complain, I haven't had to make a payment in over three years. So all it has meant is my time and gas driving him there and back every few weeks for the past five years. And how else would I keep up to date with who Jennifer Aniston is dating or what Brittany Spears has done lately. Surely such information, priceless.

After the orthodontist, a trip to McDonalds, because another piece of stressful information from the doctors office, he has lost 1/2 pound in the past two weeks. Good Gravy!! Actually too bad he is not eating gravy on everything, that might help with weight gain. I am beginning to think that he is doing it on purpose. I ca rumba. So I let him order what he wanted, oreo mcflurry, double quarter pounder, and fries. Then when I made chicken enchiladas for dinner, he wouldn't even touch it, and then I made him a instant breakfast milk shake, no not that either. Finally I let him have a giant bowl of cookies and cream ice cream. But wouldn't you know sieve for brain bought low fat ice cream. Gross. And totally counter productive to boot. Jared did eat it with out comment. His taste buds must be screwed up, but dang I wish it was total fat not low fat stuff.

We both rested up for the afternoon visit to physical therapy, because what could be more fun than two appointments in one day, well that is easy, three of course. I suppose that went well. It is best when I sit in the waiting room, because then of course I can not look him. We wouldn't want that, now would we. No sirree. The physical therapist basically told me I am a rotten mother, (you have not moved his bed upstairs yet), and you deserve to burn in hell (you have not made him do any of his exercises). You know cheerful words of encouragement like that. For the record, it was the assistant, and those were probably not his exact words, and he has a one year old daughter. Yeah, I would like to talk to him is 13 years when his daughter pierced every part of her body several times. So I can now add "make Jared exercise" to my list of impossible dreams.

We got home in time for me to inhale some very scrumptious enchiladas and watch Jared and Diana both turn their noses up at it. Then it was off to the church for young men and young women's. We saw a fun slide show about camp. It made us all laugh. Which I needed very much quite frankly.

If anyone has any ideas how you go on normally with life as if the huge elephant in the room called your son may have to have another surgery is not sticking his tongue out at you, please let me know. For now I am going to try to postpone the panic attack, I see way off on the horizon. Why worry now, when it may be for nothing, right? But then I would hate to miss an opportunity to worry, I seem to be so good at it.

Now I will go to my room and repeat over and over "I will not be hypervigilent, I will not be hpyervigilent, I will not be hypervigilant." Wish me luck with that.


Smart Helm said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! I have to warn u, some of my family members have been checking out the blogs I've got links too so they might read ur blog... Just FYI! And I really am not stressing out about the other people running in the tri... at least no more than normal!
Anyway.. I think it was smart of u to do all those app. on one day... 'course, what are u going to blog about tomorrow? Ah.. the joys of blogging. I thought Jared looked very well last night and he seems to be in good spirits. And I shorely wouldn't have complained if my mother gave me ice cream for dinner! Truth be told... I might have had ice cream for breakfast once upon a time.

SEBishop said...

A McFlurry and double quarter at MdD's is a part of every teenagers diet. Next time, order 2 for Jared and one for you!

What a crazy day! A 13-year-old HEALTHY teenage boy is terribly frustrating. Nursing Jared back to health has got to award you "MOTHER OF THE YEAR" in Nevada.

I pray that another surgery is avoidable for you both.

Kris said...

I think you need to be audited by the IRS or volunteer to be PTA Pres at all your kids schools, so you won't have any time to worry about the remote possibility of another surgery.

Sorry you had such a bad day!!!

Lisa said...

Wow that puts my Monday night to shame. I'm sorry this is such a hard row. Praying and thinking of you.