Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mending Evening

I know I am a spoil sport and party pooper, but I am done with this Breaking Dawn stuff. It seems like everyone I know, either in person, or through cyber space are consumed with reading that darn book. I know, I should be more sympathetic. I myself have experienced the occasional obsession (ie BYU Football games or Harry Potter). I do get it. I am happy for all of you to have your dreams and anticipation finally fulfilled. And it is my fault for not getting on the band wagon yet. My plan was to wait until just before Breaking Dawn came out, and then I could just read the first three books and not have to wait for a ridiculously long time, for the fourth book. Remember I am patience challenged. But here is the deal, what am I suppose to do. No one is posting things for me to read. No one wants to waste time on the phone. I think things have gotten a bit out of hand. Remember it is suppose to be all about me and my needs. Goodness.
And can anyone figure out what my post title means?


Jennifer said...

Do you need a mending evening, after your own breaking dawn?!? ;^)
It's one thought to your post title at least! :^)
Seriously though, it was a GREAT idea to wait and read all 4 books in a row. So when are you starting Twilight? Because once you get into the middle of it you will see just exactly how obsessive it really is.
How are you doing today Pat? I hope you have a great evening!

Pat said...

Jennifer, I am not quite sure when I will read those books. Maybe when school starts again. I know that I will be able to do nothing else, so I keep trying to find a week with nothing to do. Ha Ha.

peacekeeper said...

i will talk to you pat. i still have not purchased the fourth book so i am yet to be obsessed with it. i just got the host which is her other new book not in the series...i just have such a long to do list that i have yet to start it. some day!

Jen said...

you can resist for only so long, and then you too will join us on the vampire bandwagon!! ooh! :)

Kris said...

I finished Breaking Dawn today and have rejoined life. I did the dishes, picked black berries, made two pies, 2 loads of laundry, caught up on RS buisiness, and spoke to my kids and huby. Tomorrow, I just have to clean the house and finish laundry. I need a vampire to help me clean.