Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Unidentified flying objects

On Monday I looked out my window and saw this strange stuff in the air. Anyone know what it is? It seems to bring back a vague feeling of something I have seen before, I am just not quite sure.
Maybe 10 years in the desert has warped my brain.


Allison Barnes said...

Didn't it smell wonderful outside! I miss it so much!!

I am so sad jared didn't get to try out for the soccer team! But i am happy to hear the others all made it. I think they play each other on Sept 8 @ Bonanza @ 4:30 if coach wants to come watch "his boys". I am sure they would all love that. Mitch is a little uncomfortable because he knows no one on the team!

April said...

in August??? in the desert??? what a strange world.