Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun with Family

I have not managed to post all the fun pictures from our trip to Utah a few weeks ago. It was so fun to be with so much family for my niece's baptism. Six of my Seven siblings were able to be there. Since I missed seeing everyone in Seattle, this was the next best thing. Here is a huge group shot. Lots of people to try and get to look at the camera.
Here is a cute shot of Diana with her cousin Megan. Diana is a year older, but Megan is a foot taller. These girls are great friends.
Here are the five girl cousins. They are close in age and have the best time together. They had fun playing again after Seattle.
Then we tried to add my sister's two smaller girls in for an all girl shot. This picture just cracks me up. In defense of the small children, it was lunch time and they had just sat through a long meeting of the baptism. Still isn't this just a great shot.
Here is a second try. A little bit better. This is one of those times you give up trying to get people to look and smile and just take the shot to capture the fact that this is who was there that day.
Here is a rare picture of Jared. He kept turning his head, trying to avoid getting his picture taken. Finally several of us surrounded him and he had no where to hide. His cousin Susan is standing next to him. They are only two weeks apart in age.

Hey, trampoline girls, great group shot. This is my brother Sam. He lives is Seattle and helped take care of Diana last summer. She had so much fun playing guitar hero with him. And when they all went to the Aquarium, Sam was Diana's surrogate parent for the day. Thanks again Sam, for all you did to help her.
Here are Miles and Karianne, two very cute kids, well one kid and one adolescent.
Here is Tanner in a straight jacket that looks oddly like a swing.
My brother has a rabbit, and Diana and all the kids had fun petting it.
Here are my twin nephews, Taylor and Hunter.
Here is a happier shot of Ali, after lunch and a nap. Cute cheese, huh?
Here are my sister, brother-in-law, Ali, and Lizzie. Look how clean after bath time.
Here is Lizzie with her best Pipi Longstocking impression.

And yet another shot of Jared. This time with the laptop. Look how long his hair is getting.

Happy Baptism day and congratulations to Megan!

And here is a group casual pose. All the little girls love to tease Uncle Sam. He is a good sport to play along with them. We are so glad Sam was able to make it on a buddy pass at the last minute.


Eliza said...

Family time is always fun time and it looks like you made the most of it.

Marjorie said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing. You really know how to capture the moment! It brought back many good memories. Thanks to Megan for making the right choice to get baptized! It was awesome!