Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Successful Stalking Situation

Last night I another quality opportunity to hone my stalking skills. I often read a blog on KSL radio that talks about BYU football. Often I have read about the Bronco Mendenhall Show that happens every Wednesday night at Ken Graff Ford dealership. But am always stuck in Las Vegas and so I can never attend such events. Yesterday morning I was reading about it happening last night and it occurred to me that "Hey I could actually go to this one because I am in Utah." So off I went with my scrapbook in tow and wearing my cool BYU shirt. Because we all know that the proper apparel is essential for successful stalking. One must look the part you know.

I really wasn't sure what this thing would be all about. It turns out that we got to sit and watch the show being broadcast on the radio. This was not as exciting as I might have hoped, but it was fun to see how it worked and see these people who I listen to every week.

Here is a shot of the broadcast. Tip for stalking: sit on the front row. So in case you are not a BYU obsessed freak like me I will tell you who is in this picture. The guy behind the laptop is Greg Wrubell, next to him is Mark Lyons, and at the end the always impressive Bronco Mendenhall.
Greg and Mark are the broadcasters who call all the BYU games. I listen to them all the time and this was a pretty big deal to a geek like me to see them in person. Here is a nice action shot of Bronco explaining last week's game.
During each commercial break people would go up to Bronco and get his autograph. After watching for several breaks I decided that I should get my picture with Bronco autographed. So the line consisted of 9 and 10 year old boys, 20 and 30 year old boys, and a 43 year old lady. Yea nothing odd/strange/weird about that, now is there?
Here is the picture that he autographed for me. Pretty cool, huh?

And last but certainly not least, here I am with the radio personalities. So it pretty much filled my expectations and then some. Now I have new things to put in my stalker scrapbook.

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Smart Helm said...

U are the stalker queen! Very impressive. I listen to talk radio so I think the going to listen to a radio show not strange at all. Have fun in Utah!