Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm going Goth

For those of you who are unaware, I color my hair on a not so regular basis. I have been blessed with genes that turn my hair a lovely shade of gray.

This started when I was sixteen. I had one gray hair. In Physics there was a certain boy who sat behind me named Mike Criss. He took great pleasure in pointing out that one gray hair. In the middle of class, he would whisper "I found your gray hair." Sometimes he would even hold it up away from my head. I pretty much just ignored him and even found it humorous.

So sometime in my early twenties, I started coloring my hair pretty often. Marion's sister would always do it for me when ever we went to Arizona, which was pretty often.

When she moved back east, I was forced to learn to do it myself. It really is not hard, just painful to hold your arms up over your head for so long. Occasionally friends have helped me. This is nice, but it is often 11:00 pm on a Saturday night when I decide that I just can't take it any longer. Not really appropriate time to call someone to help you. So it always seems to end up that I am the one who best fits into my schedule and can do it.

Last Sunday morning was one of those times. For obvious reasons I have not managed to color my hair for about 4 months. When I got it cut 5 weeks ago, I was going to color it that day. Other more important things came up. Hence, last Sunday I was determined to cover the line that was now about 2 to 3 inches grown out. But to my dismay, I was out of hair color. I always try to stock up, but the cupboard was empty this time.

So some time this week, I managed to make a stop at Sally's Beauty supply. As I think back now, I think I was on the phone. Now I have been buying the same color for years. Last spring when I colored it, I decided to try going one shade lighter for the summer. So as I was talking, I grabbed what I thought was the same color as last time. I am not sure if this picture adequately shows the before color. Curse my nearsightedness for not snapping a really good shot of the gray. You will all just have to believe me, it was not pretty.
And here is the after picture. Also I gave my bangs a trim as well. If I am going to make myself look like a freak, might as well go all the way.Here is a shot of my concerned, panicked, freaked outedness.
Good news, the gray is definitely gone. But it is very, very dark. I know that it will lighten up over the next few days. But in looking at the bottle, I think that I went two shades darker, instead of one shade lighter.

I went to young men and young women's last night. Many, many people commented on it. I think the idea is to have it look natural so no one notices. Jared, Diana, and finally Trent all noticed and commented on how dark it is.

Finally tired of trying to explain that it was all a mistake, when Trent asked about it last night after mutual, I just told him "Hey, I'm going Goth."

This made him smile, so it wasn't for nothing after all.


Shawna said...

I love the going Goth comment! Too Funny

Melanie S said...

You are too funny. It actually doesn't look bad! Goth would look bad, but that color might be nice! Are you getting used to it? Will it be really hard to go back lighter? I colored my hair dark brown after Christian was born in a sort of post-pregnancy frump slump thing. I just never could adjust, but it took me a year to get back to blonde. Oh, the adventures of being a woman!

Eliza said...

Oh, the life of Pat Hammond... never a dull moment!