Sunday, September 21, 2008

See Pat High Five the Team

As if attending the coach's radio show, fireside, and game were not enough. There is more! The cherry on the top of the cake. The post game High-Five with the entire team. Woohoo! It doesn't get better than this. Last year was my first experience at this little piece of heaven.

With about six minutes to go in the game, my sister and I made our way down to the front row. We were swimming upstream against all those sissies who left the game early just to avoid traffic. Whatever, they obviously are not true fans. Thank goodness we went down early, because we were able to establish our position before all the little kids showed up. Here is the team leaving the field and making their way over to start the high fiving.

See how determined and excited these guys look! It is because they know they are just moments away from coming face to face with wonderful me, the wonder fan!

Here are the sad, disappointed, tail kicked UCLA team walking dejectedly towards the locker room. Hey guys, I am thrilled we stomped all over you, in a Christ-like way of course.

Players prepare to high five! Look how close I am to where the line starts! This was just random luckiness on my part. Perhaps I have some physic powers when it comes to BYU football. Having never been there before I didn't know that they would only go around half of the stadium.

Another shot, and look a security guard in a wheel chair. I am pretty sure I could beat her out. But maybe her motorized scooter is faster than I think. That would seem normal, huh, crazed fan Pat running across the field with security in a motorized wheelchair in pursuit.

Here is Jan Jorgenson, who had an amazing defensive game. He was interviewed on the field, but after his interview, he still went down the line.Here is a shot my brother took of my sister and me in all our glory. It does take special skill and talent to celebrate and cheer on the team while taking pictures. I think I managed to get some great shots even though digital cameras are slow in my opinion.

Here is a shot where I managed to cut the guy's head off. Sorry. But it is a nice close up of his number, don't ya think.

This is a nice shot of Fui Vakapuna. He is fun to watch run and block for Harvey Unga. And he was very kind to take the time to sign a football for a kid next to me.

Here is another shot of us. Oh dear, the poor kid next to me does seem to be struggling to reach the players hands. I never even noticed it.Here is a shot of them after they went by us. Pretty cool, huh? Just humor me and nod your head yes, K.And finally a shot of my new best friend/restraining order filer Dennis Pitta. I'm pretty sure he will only have nightmares about me for a couple of days.

So that is it. My football obsession will have to be long distance for the rest of the season. How sad, but perhaps safer to not risk a talking to from a judge.


Marjorie said...

I enjoyed your pictures and commentary. Yup! you pretty well captured the day! Even though I am not a rabid (or whatever cougars get) fan, it was a very fun afternoon and I did enjoy watching you watch the game. Other than the forced suntan it was a great day. Thanks Tom for making it possible for us to go!

btw, I can't wait to see the new pages in your memory book!

Kris said...

Thanks for documenting my funnest day in recent memory. Glad we shared it and you blogged it!!


Smart Helm said...

Looks like u had tons of fun. Much more fun than I ever could have, but that's why they make people like u pay the big bucks! Ya for supporting the athletic department at BYU!!!

Eliza said...

Your stalking skills never cease to amaze and amuse me!

Eric and Cindy said...

There is only ONE problem with the entire picture...WHY AREN'T YOU WEARING A BLUE SHIRT!???? If you were a true fan, you would have a QUEST for Perfection T Shirt.