Saturday, September 20, 2008

See Pat Watch Football

Finally, finally I am getting my post done from the BYU game last weekend. I know you have all been waiting on the edge of your seats, biting your fingernails in total suspense. Because there is just nothing more fun than watching me watch a football game, right? So here after much delay is my Cougarmentary.First you have to see me walking into the stadium. See the look of rapt anticipation and excitement on my face? Well if I still wasn't fighting that darn cold I could have made a better excited face. Notice the majestic scenery in the background, oh and the mountains also. They are pretty amazing as well.
Next is the shot of me just after I entered the gate. I am holding my ticket and have brought my stadium chair for comfortable viewing. I also coughed up the $3 for my very own program. And we all got cool blue towels that we could wave when something exciting happened.

Here is a lovely shot of our group complements of my brother who is a season ticket holder and was sitting in the section next to us. He called me on my phone and told me to have everyone stand up and wave. This took several tries to coordinate, but turned out pretty well. You can see how we were sitting on the very top row. I practically had a heart attack while walking up to my seat. And talk about the nose bleed section. But we could see the field so that is what matters most.
To start the game Via Sikahema ran the flag out onto the field. Marion played football against him in high school. We watched and cheered for him when he played at BYU while we were in school. It was so amazing to be at the game in person. I loved all of it.

Here I am modeling my lovely official BYU t-shirt. You can get a feel for just how high up we were. Notice the guy with a shirt on his head behind me. It was ridiculously hot and there was no shade. They won't even allow you to bring in an umbrella, some nonsense about it being a weapon. Anyway, if you have not already fallen asleep from boredom, you might be observant enough to notice that I am wearing a white t-shirt in some of these pictures. Being a dessert rat I actually brought a white t-shirt with me. So in my best flash dance imitation, I changed my dark heat sucking shirt for my white reflecting one. Hee, Hee, and no even noticed.
To help fight the heat, I went out and purchased a yummy snow cone. Thanks Amidey for getting one first and putting the idea in my head. I chose blue raspberry and tiger blood flavorings. Here is a picture of my tongue to see what color it is. Not really very impressive.
This is a shot of the big screen with Cosmo standing on top of the Spencer W. Kimball tower. And of course nice score, huh?

Here is a shot of the team on the field. I took this when I was down closer while getting my snow cone.
"I'll be there to pick up my psycho, crazy fan award in just a minute."

Here is the line of security people whose job it is to keep people like me off the field. I think I could take them? What do you think? Actually I think this would be a great job for me to have. Yes, my dream job--security person at Lavel Edwards Stadium. Because how awesome would that be to stalk the football team while being paid to do it.
All in all it was a heck of a day for football. BYU dominated and basically smashed UCLA like a bug. It was a joy to watch. Keep it up Cougars. You know I'll be cheering, just listen and you will hear me screaming from Vegas.


Allison Barnes said...

Looks like fun! Sorry you were sick.

I was thinking that jared's hip/cartilage sounded a lot like my nephew too... They had a great doctor up at primary children's hospital if you ever want another opinion.

Eliza said...

That's a crazy big stadium!

Eric and Cindy said...

OK after reading the earlier post, I now have read this one and see you have purchased a QUEST shirt. you are forgiven.