Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tales of Traveling

In case you didn't know........

....traveling to Utah is nicer in a large van than a small compact car. With Diana in the front seat, and Jared way in the back there was no danger of hearing "he's touching me". Although it did not disqualify the "he's looking at me" comment.

But then I couldn't leave well enough alone, and I stopped at a store called Everything Medical, and I bought Jared a reacher. This is a long stick with a claw like thing on the end that lets people who can't bend over, pick things up off the ground, or table, or harass people far away from them. It a great thing, every fourteen year old boy should have. (sarcasm)

Mistake number two I gave it to Jared at the beginning of the car trip. At first it seemed like a good idea. We could pass things back to him easily. Things like an Oreo McFlurry, or a bag containing large fries and a double quarter pounder. Or a water bottle. You get the idea, but then he figured out the he could use it to harass both of us in the front. All of a sudden Diana or I would feel our hair being pulled. Most bothersome. What was I thinking let him have it.

Today I did see him use it to scratch his leg. Yea, that was one time he didn't text me to come and scratch his leg.

For the most part our trip went very well. There was some rain storms, which I am not a fan of driving in down pouring rain. We did manage. The worst part is when you have to pass a truck and the spray from its wheels is making it next to impossible to see anything. And then I have this irrational fear the the truck will suddenly change lanes and force me off the road and the van will tip over and we will all be killed. You know little things like that make me nervous. But none of my fears became reality, so all was well.

We are having a nice time, but Diana has come down with a cold because that is what happens when you go on vacation, right? And today my throat is sore, bummer.

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Shawna said...

Maybe Diana needs to equip herself with that cool little pointer she got from the book fair. I think pestering should be fair and balanced.
Fears are not really irrational if they have happened to you before. I'm glad you made it safely.