Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hooray for technology

About a moth ago I bought this coolio docking station for my MP3 player. I love, love, love being able to listen to my music without headphones. Hooray for good deals on Woot.

Last weekend I finally joined the rest of society and purchased a lap top. Circuit City was having a great Labor Day sale. If Jared is going to be doing school online, I figured that we are going to need a lap top. Need might be putting it a little bit strongly, perhaps life would be a bit easier with it, would be a better way to put it. Any who, I took the plunge.

Marion has been so busy that he did not get the wireless router hooked up until Friday night. So now I finally have Internet on it. I am really going to love it. I don't really want to share with Jared, but I guess I can if I have to.

I got a great deal, if I manage to send in the rebate forms. If I do, I will end up with a free printer, router, and norton security, plus $200 off the computer.

The best thing so far, is that I was able to listen to the pod cast of the post BYU football game. I love that show. I was very curious to see what they had to say about the officials and the game in general.

I was very relieved that we won the game. Somehow I expected that it would be a nail biter the whole time. My stomach is still trying to recover from the nerves of watching that game. Towards the end, I couldn't take the suspense and I turned the radio on so I could hear what was going to happen before I had to watch it. Cheating I know. I am happy for them that they won. In just six days I will be at the UCLA game in Provo. I can't wait.

Jared, Diana, and I are going to go to Provo for the whole week. We will get to visit with much of my family. Next weekend my niece is getting baptized. I am hoping that getting away from here will be just what we need. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. So here is hoping.


Allison Barnes said...

congrats on the new laptop! You will love it. My kids think mine is permanently attached to my lap! Have fun in Utah... it will be good to get away.

Marjorie said...

Wow! good job on the shopping. Now I am the only one in the universe that doesn't have a laptop OR a MP3 player!

I agree the game was a nail bitter. Everyone around here is really bummed that U-dub didn't win the game but I was happy that it went BYU's way All the locals are totally blaming the referee. But it sounds like the ball was tossed pretty high so it was celebratory. Better luck next week!

We went to the fireside and really loved it. The church was packed and we were half way back in the cultural hall so we gave up on trying to get any pictures for you. Sorry! :( I loved hearing Coach Mendenhall speak. Even if they loose the game, they have won for what he is teaching the players. It was awesome!

Can't wait to see you all next week!

Kris said...

Hey, congrats on the game! See you on Thursday!! Yeah, who knew I would get 2 kid free vacations in a year?

Smart Helm said...

Have fun in Utah. U'll be adding to the traffic. I think you should also count how many pregnant ladies you see!